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Sox Recap - game from July 31, 2009

YoukAH YoukAH !!!!

John Smoltz was a "shining star" last night !!! Uh, well ok, he pitched well enough to pick up the win - giving up 5 runs over 6 innings - but 2 DINGERS !!! Not his best outing. But the Sox out-homered the O's and helped Smoltzie get over the bump at "Fenway South" (Baltimore) leading the Beantown Bombers to a 6-5 victory !!!! AND the Bronx' Bummers LOST, sooooooooo... our boys are back on their tails. Uh, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Apparently, the Yankers have THAT asspect covered.... WTF?!?!? Nuf Ced

Orioles' fans showed where their heads are (up their butt) as Big Papi stepped to the dish to a resounding round of "Booooo". Funny part is that they were outnumbered by the Fenway (South) Faithful and got drowned out by OUR standing ovation, take THAT !!!!... and wait just a minnow, Baltimore fans..... wasn't Miguel Tejada uncovered in the Mitchell report ?!?!?!? And what about "Raffy"?!?!?! Get with the "program" will ya? Nuf Ced

Papi got the last "laugh" and proved to be Guthrie's (Orioles' pitcher) daddy last night getting 2 hits including a 2-run bomb in the 3rd inning to give the Sox a short-lived lead. PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), who needs them ?!?!?!? Uh... I do, I do !!!!! Did I just dis myself ?!?!?!

But our boys needed more bombs and got them in the names of JACOBY (more in a minute) who hit a solo shot in the 5th and YOUK (REALLY heating back up), who capped off the scoring (and sealed the victory) with a 2-run big fly (his 18th) in the 7th... a well needed shot (tequila anyone - don't ask), as Smoltzie had relinquished the lead in the 6th before taking a powder..... 3 "bombs" and you're out Baltimore !!!! Nuf Ced

Ah "Thingy" (Jacoby)... not to be redundant ..... or TO BE REDUNDANT... "This kid really makes things happen out there"... when this kid's hot, the Sox are "a different team" (right TITO !!!!). And hot he is !!!! .....uh.....well, he is cute, no?

Over the last 7 games, Thingy is batting .433. Last night was no different as he led the way with Youk, each garnering 3 hits, including their respective taters. But Jacoby doesn't stop there... or being a thief, as he nabbed #47 last night - 8 to go, stallion !!!! AND... he "went over the wall" (prison talk) to rob Baltimore of a home run !!!!!!! Nuf Ced

The bullpen proved it's worth (did I just say that?) holding onto the slim 1-run lead. RamRam (uh, Ramon Ramirez) gave up 1 hit and no runs, "Ut Oh Oki" was Oki Doki and Paps was Picaso, and apparently had his paintball "gun" in hand, striking out 2 batters, the final with some high cheese.... I wonder if he wants some "whine" to go with that !!!!! Nuf Ced

Beckett's on the bump tonight !!!!!! NUF CED !!!!!

Trade update.... Theo worked some magic yesterday (AS USUAL) !!!! After a couple of deals went dead the Sox bounced back with THE TRADE of the day... No, there isn't a DOCtor in the house... but Theo Epstein went shopping at K-Mart .... ACTUALLY he went shopping FOR V-Mart, "buying" Victor Martinez from the Indians for pretty short "money"... Justin Masterson and 2 "toddlers" from down on the farm.... Cleveland fans are SOL (and YOU know what that means!!!) tonight is V-Mart Bobble Head night in Cleveland !!!! Gotcha !!!!! I bet the Sox can buy those bobble heads for short money too !!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

VMart brings a big stick...uh, bat - 16 dingers and 67 RBI so far this season - and versatility to the Sox, as a power-hitting catcher/1B/DH... HEY, he's the "trinity"... we can only pray....
If he could play all 3 at once, that WOULD be a miracle !!!!!!!!!!! But, the Sox are going to want a bat like that in the line-up everyday... something (or someone) has GOT to give... Prediction??? Nuf Ced

Although I like JMas and hate to see him go, he was gracious in his departure.... and I'm sure he'll get a better opportunity in Cleveland. But as I said to CJS (uh, you know... MY thief) that pretty much [stinks] for Masterson... getting traded while on the road.. if they had just traded him a day earlier BEFORE they left Boston...... [Stinks] to be you, dude... but good luck !!!

In another "blockbuster" trade, the Sox traded La Cucaracha (WAIT, didn't we just trade FOR him) to the Braves for Casey Kotchman... ut oh, I foresee a "Casey At The Bat" reference in the future..... (Prediction ???) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
But what the [heck] Theo, a left-handed 1st baseman for a left-handed 1st baseman ?!?!?! HUH?!?!?!?! And isn't V-Mart a first baseman too ?!?!?! Obviously, I don't know everything (or ANYTHING) but this one just doesn't make cents.... must be a money thing. Nuf Ced

A brief update on my "investigation" on steroids....(to those who read yesterday's post), I now have in my possession (or on my hard-drive) the complete Mitchell Report and Summary. As soon as I buy a ream of paper (this thing is over 400 [frigging] pages!!!!) I will read it from cover to cover.... good thing I can read (although writing is a different story) !!!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

As's been's been fun..... and it really has been a lot of fun !!

-Nuf Ced

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