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We Love You Papi Papi Papi !!!! (click this title to link to the story)

In light of the most recent allegation that Big Papi is included on "The List" - the list from 2003 of players that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (the same list that A-Rod and 102 others appear on) - I've been up since 2 am researching steroids and the MLB list of banned substances. I will admit that until now I have consciously remained ignorant to the whole subject - I guess accepting it as part of the "Era", an attitude shared by many.

Yes, I shared thoughts about Hall of Fame induction for "dopers". I still stand by those thoughts. But, now that the allegations have hit so close to home, I feel I owe it to Big Papi, the Sox, all of MLB and myself to garner a better understanding on the subject and it's implications on our national past-time now and in the future... I may even blog educatedly for a change !!!! Here's where I'm at....

The "List"..... in 2003 ALL baseball players were tested as a SURVEY to determine if drug testing was required. The test was supposed to be anonymous, for statistical purposes only with each specimen numbered only as it wasn't illegal to "juice" at that point. Apparently the list was created to match the sample numbers with a name. If greater than 5% tested positive, a drug policy would be (and was as results were around 7% positive) introduced. After the survey the list was supposed to be destroyed - obviously it wasn't.

Thanks to the whole Mitchell Report (ANOTHER 89 names ???) and Balco investigation, the "List" ended up in the hands of the Federal Government to be used to question those included on it in an effort to track down the main distributors. The List is SUPPOSED TO BE SEALED !!! and only used to get the names of "users" so they could question them - apparently that isn't true either. AND, it is against FEDERAL LAW to leak information from a sealed file - especially during an on-going investigation !!!

That's it in a nutshell, but this new revelation also spawned curiosity in me as to what steroids and or PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) and other substances are banned substances - especially since ManRam tested positive for fertility hormones earlier this year - YES, using anabolic steroids can cause impotence so......

What I find "funny" is what names are being leaked and that they are leaked at all. Consider A-Rod.... he publicly announced on "60 minutes" that he never "juiced". Then his name is "leaked". Papi publicly stated during Spring Training this year that anyone found guilty should be suspended for the season. Now he and Manny are tied to the list... and Manny served the suspension for testing positive in May. So, is Manny's name being leaked to show that he's been juicing for at least the past 6 years ??? AND, these names are leaked the day before the trading deadline..... HMMMMMMMMM. Maybe it's an ongoing plan to discredit the big sluggers of our time.... but, remember the pitchers are "juicing" too... Clemens, Petite, etc......

So, I actually found, printed and read the MLB "Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program". Wading through all the legal and scientific jargon and in conjunction with Wikipedia, I was astonished at the number and types of "substances" that are banned - well over 100 substances, although some are accepted in low levels. Included on the banned list are...
1)DRUGS OF ABUSE - marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc - we all know them..uh, have heard of them
2) ANABOLIC STEROIDS - Testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) are included on this list of 45 substances
3) ADDENDUM B - an additional list of several dozen substances - 99% of which I can't even pronounce the name of, let alone what they are or do... but I intend to research each and every one of them out of curiosity and fairness.
Wikipedia also includes a list of 30 "Stimulants" that are banned.. in researching several of these, they refer to anti-depressants and appetite suppressants. This list includes Ephedra, an herbal supplement (containing Pseudoephedrine - uh, Sudafed)- probably due to an FDA ban on the sale of Ephedra-containing dietary supplements due to side-effects. These "discoveries" have made it necessary to myself to research and catalog each and every "substance" on these lists in order to "know it all". I'll be a professional pharmacist when I'm done !!!!

One substance I didn't see named (YET) officially is Createin - although Wiki says that this is what Sammy Sosa (and McGwire) was "busted" for. I have a BIT of knowledge about Createin. I know it's legal as I buy it at WalMart for my son. He uses it as a supplement in his training for muscle development. I imagine they consider it an HGH ???? - but it is sold over the counter - MUCH research is needed !!!!

So now what ?!?!?! Papi "refused" to comment until he has the full understanding of what he's being accused of - GOOD MAN !!! And he seemed somewhat surprised that his name is on the list. In reading his book, "Big Papi", he doesn't really seem like the type that would do ANYTHING illegal (although it wasn't illegal in 2003), at least knowingly. There are rumors that in the Dominican, "trainers" feed their developing prospects "supplemental" shakes.... does anyone know what are in these???? And Papi was most certainly in his homeland prior to the 2003 season having been cut from the Twins after 2002....

This new allegation will NOT change how I feel about David Ortiz. I will still wear my Papi shirt with the utmost pride and give him a standing ovation whenever he steps to the plate. Papi (and Manny) brought 2 world series championships into our lives.. I will always be grateful for that. I disagree with Tony Masserati that these allegations tarnish the championships (uh, the pitchers were juicing too, remember???).. At least for this die-hard fan !!!!

I wish Papi well in his effort to clear all this up. I know whatever the situation is/was he will be straight up... I mean look, A-Rod and Petite admitted it and it is going away... Rocket continues to deny it and it continues to tarnish his career.

As I eagerly await the truth about these allegations, I will continue to research this for my own (and anyone that cares to read) edification. I NEED TO KNOW NOW !!!! I wish MLB would seek and injunction to have the entire list "exposed" so we can all deal with this once and for all and move on, instead of our national pass-time taking hits at the whim of someone with sinister intentions.....

And I will ALWAYS continue to support Big Papi !!!!! Oh, and THANKS for that big fly yesterday, Big guy. YOU ROCK !!!!!

-Nuf Ced


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