Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sox Recap - game from July 28, 2009

Hail, Hail the gang's all here !!! or Fried Rice

In a pre-game ceremony at the Fens last night, the Boston Red Sox retired Jim Rice's familiar number 14. In attendance, lining the 1st baseline, were Rice's family, Hall of Famers Eck and Pudge, and other former team-mates and coaches including Dewey and Freddy. 90 bazillion year old Johnny Pesky unveiled the "14" on the right field facade (I hope they gave him a closer seat after !!!), Jim Ed threw out the first pitch (VERY high and outside big guy) and his grand kids got the game under way shouting "Play Ball !!!" It was a very well put together ceremony from a classy organization. And Jim's speech was 100 million times better than the one he delivered in Cooperstown !!!!

Although our Bombers banged out 14 hits and scored 8 runs (AGAIN)..... THEY GAVE UP 21 HITS AND 9 RUNS (BULLPEN!!!!!) - AND committed 3 errors - Nick Green had 2 and our "thief" had the other!!!!!!! At least Jacoby made up for it at the plate and on the bases (nabbing #45 - 10 to go !!!!!!!!) but GREENIE, what have YOU done for me lately ????? Nuf Ced

Bucky (Clay Buchholz) wasn't a shining star, but he turned in 5-2/3 innings of 2-run, 9 hit ball, giving our boys a better than average chance to win with a 5-2 lead.... DA DA DA DA !!!! Enter the bullpen !!!!!!!! My thoughts are well-documented here..... the BULLpen looked more like PIGpen, with Paps being the Kingpin (or "pig" as it were) !!! Nuf Ced

Jigman entered the contest with a "lofty" 7-4 lead - I'm sure the Fenway Faithful figured it was in the bag (I know I did - well kinda, you know I'm not as impressed with Paps as I used to be). But it was Papelbon (and inevitably, the Sox) that got bagged as the All Star closer blew that 3-run lead (with a little help from his "friend" - GREENIE !!!!) sending the game to extra frames.

JD (more later) NEARLY saved the day in the 10th, sending a rocket (not Clemens) to the base of the right field wall but it was caught by the A's.

Enter Sandman(ny) (uh, Metallica anyone?) Delcarmen. Our resident Belly-itcher (you should listen to you Kid Nation manager more guy) was pinned with the loss ALTHOUGH... it was Takashi (NERD) Saito that allowed Manny's inherited runner (and ultimate winning run) to score. And I can't put all the blame on Delcarmen... TITO, Manny shouldn't be throwing 34 pitches ANYWAY !!!!!!! Nuf Ced

On the brighter side.... the bats were on fire !!! - too bad DEFENSE (and pitching !!!) wins championships... right Coach Belichek ?!?!?!

Leading the offensive attack were Youk (he's BAAAAAAAAAACK !!) and JD (wow, when's the last time you could say THAT???) with 3 hits each including 3 doubles between them. Jacoby (this kid really makes things happen out there - Meatloaf?), Mikey (his hip well-rested) and George "Kat" Kottaras (spelling a banged up Captain Tek) had 2 each - Mikey and Kat rounding out the 5 double attack.

Despite the potent offensive attack, there was no joy in Mudville as the "mighty" bullpen "struck out"(proving to be impotent once again) ... Nuf Ced

Penny (NOT DeCAF) takes the "pill" tonight!!!!!!!!!... WORRIED !!!!!!!!!!

Once again, it's been real, it's been fun.... and it really has been a lot of fun !!!!



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