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Sox Recap - game from July 27, 2009

Beckett Bounces back behind Bombers' Bats

The Red Sox bats returned last night (obviously the bats took a longer All Star break than the rest of the team), hopefully marking a sign of things to come and not a flash in the pan. The Sox pounded out 14 hits in an 8-3 win over the Nomar-less As...

Beckett pitched 7+ innings (pitched to 1 batter in the 8th giving up a triple) giving up 2... well ok, officially 3 runs.... on 8 hits and punching out 10 !!! "Danny Boy" Bard took over for the 8th giving up 1 hit and punching out 2. Whew, this kid really has some gas !!!

Well, you know, Bard features "EASY" cheese and "HIGH hair" consistently reaching triple digits on the gun. He also offers a slurve (slider/curve) that he throws in the upper 80s... hmm, Wake's fastball is mid 70's.
This kid is rapidly "earning his keep" and pitching in more critical situations and could/SHOULD be an important piece in Boston's future puzzle. I wonder what this kid would be like if he pulled the string (change-up) once in awhile....hmmmmmm, starter? JOHN !?!?!?! (pitching coach John Farrell) Nuf Ced

Manny (NOT a belly-itcher) Delcarmen mopped up with an uneventful 9th inning, preserving Beckett's league-leading 12th victory. Hmmmm, Cy Young anyone ?????

Ah the bats....... Everyone in the line-up banged out at least one base hit. Jacoby led the way with 3 hits, including a triple - can this kid run???? Reminds me of the Comcast commercial... NO, not the Bill the turtle ones... the one with the "genetically modified rabbit/panther thingy".. those with Comcast will know.. for those who don't.. here it is.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-50dLMG19gY ... Ok, kid.... you've got a nickname too... "Thingy"

Pedey had 2 hits including a 1st inning "jack" over the monster and a sac fly. (remember the prediction). Here's a NEW one... Pedey and Jacoby will BOTH collect over 200 hits this season.... providing they stay healthy !!!! Nuf Ced

Newly acquired Adam La "Cucaracha" continued to infest his new home banging out 2 doubles as Mikey Lowell sat out his 2nd game in a row... What a great pick up this was THEO !!!!!! Mikey could find himself fighting for playing time in the future (prediction????)

Slumping JD had 2 hits and JBay even chipped in with a hit and 2 walks helping the cause. And Jed Lowrie!!! Off to a slow start since his return, this poor mountaineer SMASHED a ground rule double to left field with the bases loaded driving in 2 runs... OK OK OK... in the words of Eck... he hit a "quail" !!! Hopefully that blooper will help him start hitting less like "Granny"... No offense Jed, you know I'm a BIG fan.... Nuf Ced

July 28, 2009..... Jim Rice night at the Fens !!!! Precluding tonight's battle with the A's, the Boston Red Sox will retire #14, last worn by newly inducted Hall of Fame member, Jim Rice. In an effort TO re-iterate, this ceremony has also been long over-due and a night that the Sox have been waiting for 20 years to arrive - remember no one has worn the number since Jim retired.

Clay Buchholz toes the rubber for the our boys... uh guys, it would be pretty embarrassing to lose on a night like tonight !!! Nuf Ced

As always, it's been real... it's been fun... and it really has been alot of fun !!!

-Nuf Ced


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