Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sox Recap - game from July 18, 2009

ROOKIES !!!!!!

Tito apparently forgot that "binky" yesterday as I suggested as the "Bombers" bats are once again silenced by a pitcher just out of diapers !!!!! This is becoming as glaringly painful as a broken record as the Sox were boy-handled by Toronto starter, Marc [long Polish name]. TITO, PLEASE listen to me !!!!!! Nuf Ced

Brad Penny toed the rubber (and possibly his Sox "career" - more in a bit) and was bested by a "boy wonder" in an outing in which Penny struggled consistantly with his "spots" giving up all 6 of Toronto's runs on 8 hits in just 5 innings of work.

Having "cruised" through the first 3 frames, Penny seemed to be on his way to ANOTHER quality start until the Jays jumped on him for 3 runs in the 4th and another 2 in the 5th, all but sealing the victory and sending Brad to the clubhouse for a "powder".

On a bright note.... Penny's failing effectiveness did NOT allow our "trusty" bullpen to blow another lead as Toronto had a 6-1 lead upon Penny's departure. Too bad Kevin Millar couldn't have batted 27 times (still love ya cowboy - even more when you K 3 times!!!!)
Quite the opposite was true as apparently the "pen" took advantage of the week off and came back well rested, pitching in with 3 innings of "No-No" ball. Still a bit worried but that's 2 games in a row that the bullpen has been up to par. Nuf Ced

Another bright note saw the return of Jed Lowrie (uh, Beavis???) although apparently Jed is a bit rusty... maybe he needs some "black gold" to take care of that rust... or "Texas tea"...

Anyway Beavis... When Mikey calls for a pop-up, LET HIM CATCH IT !!!!! You looked more like JETHRO (Bodine) on that play !!!!!! Too bad you don't look like Ellie May !!! Nuf Ced

In an effort to attone for that "Butt-Head" error, Jed went yard later in the game to make the final score 6-2... too bad "Beavis" couldn't have batted 27 times too, huh?

Ah JBay......... "Jason" continues to struggle at the dish, striking out ANOTHER 2 times. I'm going to start calling him J-K(rueger) if he doesn't snap out of this... Nuf Ced

Where has the resident purse snatcher (uh, Jacoby) been ???? Official report is that he's experiencing "intestinal turmoil"... Uh, is that a polite way to say he has the "runs"???? It CAN'T be Motezuma's Revenge as our thief is half Mexican.... HMMMM... I wonder if that is why.... NUF CED

Brad Penny - see "Sox Thoughts - 19 July, 2009"... Nuf Ced

Today could (SHOULD) be a classic !!!! Johnny Lester takes the hill for the Sox against Roy Halladay for the Bluebirds... HMMMMMMMMM, any implications here !?!?!?! Not sure but, Doc, you'll be in Theo's better graces if you let the Sox pummel you today !!!!!!! I can dream can't I????

But seriously, this "event" must be viewed in 57" Hi Def so you can find me in the "man cave" come first pitch at 1:07 .... 1:07 ???? Is that some sort of Canadian time??? ... Nuf Ced

It's been real, it's been fun... and it really has been a lot of fun....

-Nuf Ced


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