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Sox Recap - game from July 11, 2009

Another pitcher's duel at the Fens !!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOT!

YOUKER !!! YOUKER !!! He must be in the front rooooooooooow !!! Uh, that was Bob Uecker - but I personally have sat in Mr. Uecker's "special" seats - 1 row in front of the Ford sign in right field... check it out next time you visit the Fens - at least 20 rows BEHIND Ted Williams's famous red seat (the one marking the Splendid Splinter's 520 ft dinger) !!! LOL, I have also watched a game from BEHIND the ginormous scoreboard - any seat will do... Nuf Ced

Anyway, so why shout out for Youk twice, you ask???? Simple, once for each time the "Golden Greek" (I KNOW he isn't Greek but that was the big joke when he first came up) went yard in yesterday's slugfest at the Fens.... the second of which ended up where ???? You guessed it - in the FRONT ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW - on top of "Wally", that is - the green MONSTER, not the Green "Monster"... still with me??

So a game that should have been a total annihilation by the Beantown Bombers, turned into a pinball game with balls flying everywhere - the teams combined for 24 runs, 25 hits and FOUR miscues as the Sox bats outlasted the Royals 15-9.

15-9 !!!!! Wait, didn't John Smoltz pitch 5 innings and leave with a 9-1 lead ??? WTF ?!?!?! Can you say BULLPEN ?!?!?!?!? NUF CED !!!!!!

In yet another "fine" outing by the Boston relief crew, that HUUUUGE lead dwindled rapidly, allowing KC to eventually close the gap to 9-7. "Plop Plop, FIZZle, FIZZle"!!! I think Alka Selzter would have provided more relief here. Come to think of it, I believe I ran for the Tums !!!!
Once tauted as "The best bullpen in baseball"(obviously that JINXED them) the Sox "pen" will hopefully take full advantage of the break granted them by the upcoming All Star event - PLEASE?!?!?!? (except Paps of course - see ya in St Louie, Jigman!!!)
Seriously though, I expressed my concerns last week and the Sox "pen" has a 7.05 ERA over the last 7 contests.... giving up 9 hits and 8 runs in 4 innings yesterday alone !!! Hmmmm, perhaps it were I that did the jinxing !!!!

Thank goodness the Sox' bats were on fire (maple burns reeeeaaaallll good) making ANOTHER prediction come true and earning Smoltzie his first Sox VICTORY!!!! I TOLD you not to doubt !!!!! NOW, Smoltz can and will be the Hall of Famer that he is (did that make sense). Nuf Ced

Youk (twice) led the way as he, Captain Tek and Papi went yard - continuing to make predictions come true - maybe I WON'T stop making them !!!!! Also, Dustin had 2 hits including a double, vaulting him to the top of the league in that category (he's BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK !!) Youk had 3 hits, 4 rbi and scored 4 times - he's back too !!!!!!!!! And Jacoby's great work ethic ("whatever THAT is"...STILL love that commercial) continues to show as he nabbed another bag - number 39 !!!!

Once again JD earned his keep, gunning down that runner at home. Whew, I had to look twice thinking that Dewey (Sox right fielder of the past) had made a triumphant return !!!!!! Oh, but they gave Dewey's number to a "relief" pitcher - GIVE IT BACK Takashi !!!! Wait !!!! Takashi ???? Can you say "Revenge Of The Nerds" ?!?!? I love that movie, you can keep the shirt! Nuf Ced

JBay is really concerning me, but wait until after the break, gang (PREDICTION!!!!) See you at the mid-summer classic too !!!!
And whew !!!!!! Daniel Bard really has some gas !!!!!! (Uh, Eckism.... NOT, well you know... never mind) Nuf Ced

Not to be left out is Norman, I MEAN, AARON Bates.... as this "psycho" picked up his first major league hit (AND RBI too) in his only at bat, after replacing Mark Kotsay !!!

While the Beantown Bombers were "handling" the Royals, the Bronx Bummers were busy getting "spanked", giving the Sox a 2-game lead in the AL East, and assuring that our boys will be in first place AFTER the All Star break !!!! (AND at the end of the season !!!)

In closing.... PEDRO to make a return to the majors ?!?!?!?! He SURELY (NO, i didn't just call him Shirley) won't be making a return to the Sox.... SO PEDRO, "Who's your daddy" NOW !!!! Nuf Ced

As always, it's been real, it's been fun and it really has been a LOT of fun !!!!!!

-Nuf Ced


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