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Sox Thoughts - 19 July, 2009

"No deposit, no return" ???

The Beantown Bombers squared off against the Blue Jays Friday night to open the "2nd half" of the season. Clay Buchholz was brought up from AAA Pawtucket to make a "spot" start.
Mikey Lowell (on Friday) and Jed Lowrie (on Saturday) returned to the active roster.
OBVIOUSLY, I have things to say about these "situations".

Buccholz was brought up for the 1 start on Friday to "give Beckett and Wake additional rest after the All Star game" - a game in which neither pitched mind you.... Clay was magnificent, proving that he is ready for the "bigs" - giving up 1 run on 4 hits in 5-2/3 innings.... did Theo and the boys have "ulterior motives" for giving Clay this opportunity??? I have heard it said that with the trading deadline 2 weeks away, this start was to showcase Buchholz to the rest of the league (and to increase his value) in the hopes of using him as "trade bait". But what if he failed miserably in that start??? Would that have not been detrimental to that "plan". - Nuf Ced
As previously posted, it was "unusual" for the Sox to go with a 6-man rotation... Now, I will take that further... I "predicted" that Bulchholz will be called up in September and be in the rotation next year... I hold to those thoughts (at least until after July 31st - trading deadline) So, just MAYBE this one start for Clay was his chance to prove to the organization that he CAN and SHOULD be in the future plans of THIS team - they needed to see that NOW he is ready. (Brad Penny (previously predicted as 'on the fence' - may have sealed that "deal" yesterday) - Nuf Ced

Mikey (Lowell) returns to the line-up. WOO HOO !!!! As "feared", Aaron "psycho" Bates gets sent back down to Pawtucket. But "psycho" proved his worth in his 1-week stint in the bigs - to the Sox or someone else ?!?!?! You know my thoughts here and I HOPE that Theo and the boys don't start resorting to Sox "tactics" of old (particularly Dan Duquette) and trade away top prospects for "seasoned" veterans. "Home-grown 'tastes' better than store-bought", RIGHT ?!?!?!?! -Nuf Ced

"Come and listen to my story, 'bout a kid named Jed...." Lowrie, that is... JED LOWRIE RETURNS !!!!!!!!!

Ooops, wrong pic... let's try this.

BUT, if there's ever a Beavis and Butt-Head movie, Jed's got my vote to co-star !!!!!!!!!!
Seriously though, Jed's return couldn't have come at a better time. Adios Julio Lugo, the boy is back in town!!! Jed is a very important piece to the Red Sox championship puzzle. WHAT ?!?!?! You don't agree ??? We have (Nick) Greenie ???
Consider this, Jed is capable of quality play in at least 3 infield positions... SO WHAT ?!?!?! SOOOOOOOOOOOO, Mikey (Lowell) will need every 5th or 6th day off to rest the hip - uh, JED CAN PLAY 3rd... no longer the need to shift Youk over to 3rd !!! Hmmmm, maybe "Psycho" IS history.....
Pedey will CERTAINLY need a "spell" at 2nd on occasion - especially with Kelli in the hospital... HERE COMES JED !!!
Beavis (Lowrie) and Greenie will probably platoon at shortstop, with Jed picking up additional playing time around the "horn"... No worries Nick, we're not through with you yet !!!!!!!!!!!
I feel a bit bad for Lugo (NOT)... but I'm sure there's a team that wants a shortstop with as many errors as hits !! Nuf Ced

Obviously, with the trade deadline looming ANYTHING can happen. I would never pretend to have all (or ANY) of the answers and I put 100% trust in Theo Epstein - he has proven himself as one of the sharpest baseball minds since Day 1... AND HE'S STILL A KID !!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, I know... You all want to see "Doc" Halladay in a Sox uniform.... only time will tell.
But, is that NOT the ULTIMATE display of "No Mas, No Mas" by the Blue Jays ???? How do you give up a Cy Young Award winning, perennial All Star pitcher - unless you can get an entire team for him!! There's GOT to be more to it and I'm sure the price will be HIGH. Nuf Ced

... It's official !!!! The Fens will host this year's NHL "Winter Classic" on New Year's Day.. CAN YOU SAY... PSYCHED !?!?!?!?! The Big Bad Bruins will be facing (off) against the Philly Flyers. DeCAF, wanna catch a hockey game ?!?!?!?!?

On a sad note.... Walter Kronkite has passed - Nuf Ced

As always, it's been real.... it's been fun. And it really has been a lot of fun....

"And that's the way it is" (Walter Kronkite)

-Nuf Ced


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