Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame....
The recent Baseball Hall of Fame inductions have spawned at least 2 controversies, and probably more !!!!

First.... Hank Aaron announced that he supports the induction of [juiced] players into the Hall, but with an asterisk. With all due respect Mr Aaron.... "WTF?!?!?!" What exactly would the "legend" of said asterisk be ???? uh..... "* CHEATER" ?!?! "* FRAUD" ?!?! "* GENETICALLY ENHANCED" ?!?!
Certainly, I have no idea what the committee will do but here's some random thoughts on the subject (and I really don't know which side of the fence I'm on here, YET!!)
"Convicted" performance enhancers...... what kind of UN-enhanced numbers would these "athletes" have put up if not on the juice? Would they be worthy of Cooperstown? Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, Rafael Palmeiro, Bonds, "Manny", A-Roid, Clemens etc.... ALL "worthy" of induction based on the numbers, BUT would inducting these "padded" performers not be an insult to those already enshrined that didn't cheat? I don't see how they can be in the same "league". Would it not be lowering the standards of baseball's Shrine? (especially when these performers have put up better numbers than those already inducted.....) Do you delete their numbers for the period(s) that they were known to be on "enhancers"? Do they still qualify as Hall of Famers???
And what about all of the borderline candidates that didn't cheat but would certainly have had "worthy" numbers if they had? Is it fair to them? Would it not be punishing them for playing fair? Wouldn't it be teaching young athletes that cheaters DO indeed "win"?
And do we know how many "stars" of today ARE actually on the juice?
OR, would said asterisk actually immortalize non-steroid players to a new height (if that's possible)???? I'm leaning toward my idea of a Hall of "SHAME" !!!! There are so many implications now because of those damn steroid users - Nuf Ced

Charlie Hustle.... Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig announced that he MAY lift the ban (for betting on baseball) on Pete Rose and make him eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, albeit well after the 15 year period in which the writers would have made the decision (it would now be up to the veteran's committee) DO IT !!!!!!!!!
I may be a bit naive here and not know all the facts (although i HAVE started reading "Collision At Home Plate" - thanks DeCAF !!!) but as I understand it now, Pete Rose admitted to betting ON the Reds but never against them (so it isn't like he would compromise his team - he would try harder !!!!)
Come on, Pete Rose was the epitome of TRUE Grit... AND DIDN'T JUICE !!!!!!!! His numbers are amazing and 100% TRUE !!!! He's a "first ballot inductee" if there ever was one. As a player, could there be a better role model for our youth??? Rose always gave 1000% !!!! Hard nose, gritty, never say die !!!! Or would you prefer to teach or youth to cheat to win?
Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. He won't be the first inductee that led a reckless lifestyle... are there not proven raging alcoholics and "womanizers" already enshrined ?? Those are great role models too right??? Nuf Ced

Brett Favre.... FRIGGING RETIRE and go away already, will you?!?! I have absolutely NO respect left for this baby of a "man". Even my DIE-HARD Favre and Packer fan sister can't stand him anymore !!!
Had he stayed retired 3 times ago, then yes, he was truly one of the greatest football players of all time. Oh WAIT !!!!!!!!! He's a proven drug addict !!! I've lost respect for him due to his antics over the past few years - doing whatever he needed to do to be sure HE stayed in the spotlight !!!! GROW UP BRETT - and please go away !!! Nuf Ced


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