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Sox Recap - game from July 10, 2009

Lester is lights out, launching the Red Sox into the AL East lead !!!!!!!!!

For those of you new to my blog.... Wait, I am new to my blog !!!! this is my first attempt at blogging.... it's all downhill from here, right? DOUBT IT !!!!!!!!!

In a classic pitcher's duel at the Fens last night, Johnny Lester was a royal flush continuing his absolute domination over the Kansas City Royals... and on the league as of late.... hmmmmmm, who was it that he "NO HIT" ?!?!?!?! Nuf Ced
Although the Royals' Brian Bannister quieted our beloved Sox bats... Johnny Boy was equal to (or better than) the task.
With the score knotted at goose eggs into the 8th inning, PEDEY (did I NOT predict he is on the verge of carrying the team?!?!?) doubled hard off "Wally" (the green monster) scoring Aaron Bates (no relation to Norman, mind you - I don't think) for the only run of the game. Bates pinch ran for Mark Kotsay who had singled.
Wild Thing once again entered the game in the 9th with a chance to vault the Beantown Bombers into first place as the Bronx Bummers were busy losing.
Paps was lights out too !!!!!!!! Continuing to "listen" to my "suggestion" Paps featured high cheese (see ECKtionary) with plenty of "moss" and mowed down the Royals preserving the victory.
The Sox now lead the Yankers by one game and Lester's record improved to 8-6 (5-1 over his last 8 starts or so). Shouldn't he be heading to St Louis??????????? Nuf Ced
Johnny Boy struck out 8, bringing his season total to 131 Ks... he's surely going to break the Sox' all-time strike-out mark for a south paw (lefty). Paps picked up save number 23 on the season. Can you say 50 ?!?!?!?!?!
Jacoby continued breaking the law, stealing his 38th base of the season.... pretty much making last year's 50 thefts a distant memeory and bringing him 1 crime closer to Tommy Harper's Sox mark of 54 !!!!!!
John Smoltz takes the hill tonight for what WILL be his first victory in a Red Sox uniform (first of several, that is). You know me and my predictions !!!!!!!!! 1 out of 3 (decisions) will be GREAT here !!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

ECKtionary (abridged)
"BIG FLY".... a home run
"GOING BRIDGE"... "GOING YARD".... hitting a home run
"DEAD CENTRAL".... a home run to center field... as in, "Papi took that piece of "salad" (see below) to dead central"
"PUNCHOUT".... a strike out, commonly known as a "K"
"PIECE OF CHEESE"... a fast ball
"PIECE OF SALAD".... a seemingly easy pitch to hit.. aka, a meatball or watermelon
"HIGH CHEESE"... obviously, a high fastball
"HAIR"....extra "giddy-up" on a fast ball.... "That piece of cheese had some hair on it"
"PAINT"... to throw a pitch JUST over the corner of the plate (or just OFF the corner)..."Beckett can really paint"... Somehow in Eck's vocabulary, this is also a noun..."That pitch was paint"

New editions to the ECKtionary....
"Do Drop In" ... a 12-6 curve ball (think about it)... NOT to be confused with the Ephus pitch that Spaceman Bill Lee patented......apparenty while I was visiting my friend, Sam Adams, at the Fens recently, The Eck coined a new entry in his vocabulary...
"Moss"... see "Hair"... although usually used by Eck to describe his actual hair (on top of his head).... the "master" of Eckisms has expanded the meaning of "moss" and uses it interchangably with "hair"....

Can you EVER imagine Dennis Eckersley and Jack Edwards (Bruins commentator) in the booth at the same time ?!?!?!?!? Nuf Ced

That wraps up my first legit post as a "blogger"... come back early and often as I ALWAYS have a lot to say.

-Nuf Ced


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