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Sox Recap - game from July 12, 2009

Beckett makes his pitch to be American League STARter

What a glorious day at the Fens Sunday afternoon (the weather wasn't too shabby either) as Josh Beckett pitched a complete game 6-0 shutout over the Royals. In the finale of the unofficial first half of the season, Josh went the distance on the hill (NOT giving the "pen" ANY opportunity to deluster THIS gem) giving up only 3 hits and striking out 7 -- YES, 7 Kathryn Tappen, not 6, as you reported. Good thing you're so cute !!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH..... Nuf Ced

Anyway, the win gave Beckett his 100th career victory and tied him with TEAM-MATE Tim Wakefield for the AL lead with 11. The Sox are really reaching a lot of personal milestones this season, culminating in the ULTIMATE????
In a classic display of "gas", high "cheese" (with "moss" on it), "paint"ing and even an occasional "do drop in", Beckett single-armedly carried the Sox to victory in their last contest before the All Star break. Our boys now lead the AL EAST by THREE games !!! The Bronx Bummers lost ANOTHER game to the Angels - I wish the Yankers could only play the Sox and the Angels all year!! Nuf Ced

Offensively, the Sox bats continued to pick up the pace, banging out 10 hits (3 by "psycho" - more later) and showing a lot of patience at the plate - walking NINE times and getting hit by a pitch twice. Uh KC, you can NOT beat a little league team with "control" like that !!! Nuf Ced

"Psycho" (or was that Steve Lyons) Aaron Bates, led the way with 3 hits (2 doubles) and ALMOST went yard to dead central for the first time in his major league "career" - which is all of 5 games now !! Good thing Lars Anderson has been a bit "off" so far this season and the front office opted to call up Bates. Here's your chance "psycho" !!!!

With Mikey Lowell set to return after the "break" (and SOMEONE needing to be sent "down"), Bates has made a great argument for the Sox to keep him in the "bigs" for at least awhile. But, at the very least... See you in Septemeber "psycho" !!!!!!! Nuf Ced

Pedey chipped in with 2 hits, including ANOTHER double (#30) - this kid's a double MACHINE. Just think how many DINGERS he'd have if he was a bit bigger in stature !!! No worries, keep it up little guy - I'm sure you'll "double" your way to Cooperstown !! (Was THAT a prediction?!?!?!) Youk and Rocco (I LOVE that name) also has 2 hits each in key situations.

JBAY had an "interesting" day at the dish - apparently KC's pitchers are expecting Jason to "break out" (of his "slump") at any moment. JBay walked 3 times and was hit by pitches twice - they didn't even through him a strike until his 5th and final at bat of the game !!!! In an effort to make it 5-5 (on base) JBay harmlessly fouled off a couple of pitches before "taking one for the team" AGAIN - uh, or in the middle of his back, as it were. If ya can't beat um, hit um ??????

STOP !!!!! THIEF !!!!!!!!! Yup, Jacoby continued his crime spree, swiping his 40th purse (bag) !!! NO JACOBY, DO NOT STOP !!!! You're criming (or climbing) your way to a new Sox single season mark for burgularies. You go boy, I'm SURE you can outrun the "fuzz".

WHAT THE BUCH(holz) !?!?!?!? Yessirree, Clay Buchholz makes his (hopefully) triumphant return to the Sox' rotation. For those who don't remember (how could you EVER forget), Clay is the author of a major league no-hitter. He performed that feat in 2007 in one of his first big league starts. Nef Ced

In a somewhat "unusual" move, the team expands the pitching rotation to 6 for the 6-game road-trip that opens the 2nd "half" of the season. After pitching his way to a 7-2 (he lost yesterday) record with a 2.36 ERA at AAA Pawtucket, Buchholz gets the nod to open the 2nd half of the season against the Bluebirds on Friday night. Go get em Clay !!!!!!!!
This kid would be in any other rotation in the bigs - probably AT LEAST a 3rd or 4th starter. But, with the Sox loading up on pitching over the winter, Clay has spent the season down on the farm. Hang in there BUCHy, it's only a matter of time! PREDICTION TIME !!! Smoltzie won't be re-signed (having done his "job" and bringing the trophy back home), Penny (NOT you DeCAF) is a "pick 'em" and Diceman??? DA DA DA DA !!!! Clay Buchholz WILL be in the Sox' starting rotation next year !! He'll be up in September this year too !!!! Nuf Ced

On a more serious note, Dustin Pedroia has withdrawn his invitation to the All Star festivities. As previously reported, Pedey's wife, Kelli is pregnant with their first child (rut roh, a LITTLER little guy??? - perhaps an MVP will be born !!!). Kelli is due in August and was admitted to the hospital last week, where she remains. In a classic display ot Tito's (manager Terry Francona - or should it be Tito JUNIOR???) fatherly persona and "family comes first" mentality, Tito once again "advised" Pedey to be with his family. Are the Sox NOT the best organization in MLB ??? Nuf Ced

Bs-TOWN.... The Bruins... "Phil Kessel's my hero, Phil Kessel's my hero !!!" Although on the fence with THAT commercial, PLEASE SIGN HIM !!!!!!!! Wow, am I glad I needed to check the spelling of his name at the Bs website.... HAVE YOU SEEN THE ICE GIRLS ?!?!?!? Nuf Ced

"POLITICS"... Yes, you all know my political views !!! President Obama will be throwing out the first pitch at the All Star game - woo hoo !!! BUT, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't step into the booth to commentate !!!!!!!!!! Stick to "hoops" big guy, k?? Uh, and fixing the economy !!! Nuf Ced

Yes a "bit" lengthy. But, with the All Star break "looming" I am taking the opportunity to "rejuvenate"... or at least figure out the dang blog site !!!! No worries, I'm still formulating a blog about the UFC pay per view - I think I'll watch it again !!! After I "research" the Ice Girls, no doubt !!!
Posting may be sporadic this week, but hopefully will result in a new and improved version of my blog page... Plus I NEED to "cowboy up" ( I STILL love Millar) and start additional blogs to "report" on our other "hometown heroes" - the Cs, Bs and Pats - this WILL turn into a full-time "job", won't it ?!?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHH.... Nuf Ced

Home-run derby tonight - I wonder if Beckett will participate... remember that BIG fly against the Phillies ??????

As ALWAYS, it's been real, it's been fun... And it's REALLY been a lot of fun !!!

-Nuf Ced


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