Monday, July 13, 2009

Gardening 103 - or Casper? or Ants in your pants

So, I'm out in the garden yesterday, yeah yeah yeah, it's a daily thing !!! Anyway, I'm doing what all gardeners do - formulating a new blog, of course !!!! The weather is gorgeous so I decide to go topless - uh, I took off my shirt to "catch some rays" !!! I hung my t-shirt on my "trusty" rake (true gardener, here) that was leaning against a "beautiful" Japanese (red) Maple tree - that dang tree casts a shadow over southern "california" until after noon !!! If I owned this place, I'd be blogging about the Connecticut chainsaw "masacre" !!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I "hung" my shirt up rather than toss it on the ground so the ants wouldn't "investigate" it (important thought there - you'll see !!!)
"Moving" on, I was marveling at the success of my corn"field". "The corn is as high as an elephant's eye...." No wait, THAT's Oklahoma - my garden is named "california"... None the less, I have 2 dozen stalks and not ONE of them is in need of a hEARing aid already!!! So, I'm checking out the "situation" when it occurred to me that I'm going to have corn coming out my ears (and my butt, eventually, I imagine!!!) This could be an "interesting" summer !!!!
Ok, get to the point !!!!!!!! As I am scanning the "field", I hear quite a bit of rustling in the BAMBOO "ocean" which would actually be the Pacific (get it's location?). Thinking it may be Alvin and/or the boys (previous post) returning, I focus on scanning said "Pacific".
As I'm panning the "sea" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEE... I honestly believe I saw a ghost !!! In a brief flash through the corn, I "observed" a "human" torso in the "sea"... caucasian, assumingly male (didn't see a face but didn't see long hair, either), with a light blue shirt !!!!! WTF !?!?!?! Ok, once again gardening has startled me - I need a new hobby !!!!!! But then I'd have nothing to blog about, HA HA HA !!!!
After, several "minutes" of trying to re-see what I THINK I just saw, I decide that although it's only 10 am, I NEED A BEER !!!!!!!!!!!
I grab a brewski and decide perhaps gardening is over for now and procede to repair the basement screen door that "faithful" companion, Snoopy, decided he really didn't like anymore (future post !!!) In the meantime I have posted my ghostly "discovery" on [a social networking site]. Ha, I got a re-post by a "friend", I'll call her GG, that is apparently and expert on the paranormal.... Mrs. Dr. Venkman, I presume !!!! more on that in the future.
A bit of "history" is in need. I absolutely believe in ghosts and believe I have been followed by a ghost for many years - OFTEN hearing footsteps and noises, and disappearing/reappearing items (like keys and such). AND I was told by a "card reader" that the ghost I have been experiencing is actually the ghost of my deceased father !! C'mon pops, do some weeding then - SHEESH !!!!!!!!! (Thanks Maxi). Although dad was never much of a gardener.....
Screen door repaired (until the next time - and there WILL be a next time, trust me !!) I retreive my shirt and head to my computer to play Texas Hold 'Em, or BLOG, that is. As I am "blogging", I start to feel crawling on my body... Low and behold, I have SEVERAL ants climbing up me (good thing I hung the shirt up to avoid this, huh?). Apparently these ants are more fond of that maple than I am (and my Old Spice deodorent) and made the journey into the house with me.... good thing I didn't go bottomless !!!!!!!!!!

True to my life, this is all true !!!!!!

-Nuf Ced


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