Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Youkah is a "traitor" ???? GET REAL !!!

Apparently it's been an eternity since I last posted but recent events and reactions to them in the BUSINESS of baseball (and LIFE) have prompted me to resurrect... Kevin "YOUKAH" (in my bestest masshole accent) has signed with the "enemy". WHAT A TRAITOR !!!! Woe woe woe, let us step back and ANALyze this for a fraction of a moment !!! REALISTICALLY !!!! First off, I'm a born and bred Sox fan... I bleed red and will die with the Boston Red Sox in my heart. HOWEVER, I am a realistic sports fan at the same time and all the bitchin and moanin I've read about Youk signing with the Yankees has conjured up but one conclusion.... SOME so-called Sox fans are no better than fans of the "Evil Empire"... But first, let us analyze that very point.... PERSONALLY, the New York Yankees are but a competitive sports team, an obstacle MY favorite team needs to try to overcome every summer. They aren't my personal enemy, they aren't personally evil to me and as I blogged in the past, when a member of that team reached a milestone, I applauded them publicly on this blog. The sport of baseball is our national past time. Rivalry is abound and healthy but I am not personally on the Sox payroll. And even if I were, why wouldn't I wish a friend and former team mate all the best? No, Youkah isn't my personal friend but I have met him (I have photos, LOL). MUCH more important Kevin is a human being, a human being that had his life and family uprooted last season at the drop of a hat. SO, this season, he did what he felt he needed to do, for himself and for his family. WHO WOULDN'T ?!?!?! I certainly know I wouldn't turn down 12 million dollars for 1 year of service !!! Hell, I won't even have an income in a few weeks... just sayin.... Is it Youk's fault he was cast aside? I'm thinking not. And I challenge anyone that reads this to put your family first as perhaps Kevin has. Anyway, off my soapbox.... how does Kevin signing a sweet deal with another team, Yankees or not, affect MY life ???? IT DOESN'T !!! and it doesn't affect any other fan's either... NUF CED.

As I stated in my Facebook post: "sooooooooooooo.. Youkah signed with the Yanks... good for him... it was obvious the Sox were done with him so he did what he needed to do... do I have the right to question his motivation? Certainly not !!! Could it have been about family? OF COURSE !!! and personally MY family comes first to me !!!!!!!! Is he a "trader"? ummmm... he was released last year... free to do what he needs.... reasons aside Youk was cast aside.... TRUE I'm a diehard born and bred Sox fan... but I can't blame someone for doing what they feel is right.... especially when they were dissed... did I cheer Johnny Damon's return... OF COURSE !!!! These are individuals that have helped define the Boston Red Sox over the recent past, and I'm sure if it were up to them, would define the Sox in the future... give Mr Kevin Youkalis the credit he deserves for helping the Sox while management wanted him to... or not.... I personally wish him luck as I am a sports fan and appreciate all he did in Boston...."
NUF CED !!!!
Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced
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