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Sox Recap - game from August 14th, 2009

Or.... I told you so V-Mart !!!

Today's post is certainly taking a long time to type as I am typing 1-handed....uh, DON'T GO THERE !!!!... the other hand is busy patting myself on the back... was it not merely a couple of days ago that I "predicted" V-Mart (Or V-DOG now !!) would have his day ?!?!? Well, last night he had his day... uh, NIGHT !!!! Ok, ok, ok.... so did Papi and JD...

In a critical confrontation at the Alamo... no wait, in Arlington !!!! our Beantown Bombers battled the Texas Ranger(s)... NO, not Chuck Norris and HIS boys.... for 1st place in the wild-card race..

Jonny Lester got the nod for our boys and didn't have his best stuff early as the Rangers jumped out to an early 2-run lead with a big fly in the first inning... a lead that would stand until the 6th as Jonny settled down and matched Kevin Millwood pitch for pitch until then.

The Sox tied the contest in the 6th when David "If you want to judge me, it's on you" BIG PAPI tied the game with a rocket to right-center off of Ranger reliever Eddie Guerrero (RIP)... no wait, HE used to be a wrestler.. it was off of Eddie Guardado !!!!.... hopefully shutting up his critic(s) (initials are T.M.) in the process. PREDICTION !!!! I predict a future post as I have LOTS to say on THIS subject... Nuf Ced (until later)

Anyway, Texas quickly unknotted the score in their half of the 6th and Lester's night was over... 6 innings.... 3 runs.... 6 hits .... 11 Ks !!!!!!! The Rangers would scrap out another run off of Danny Boy Bard before the game entered the 9th inning... Texas-4 Red Sox-2... but what a 9th it was !!!!!!!!!

Through 8 innings, the boys had managed just 2 runs (Papi's dinger) on 4 hits.... But the 9th (and Rangers reliever, Frankie Francisco) was the turning point and the Sox turned the game into a good old fashioned slobber-knocker pounding out 7 hits and tallying 6 times, putting the icing on the proverbial cake.... Nuf Ced

But, the inning didn't go without incidence (or a blooper) as Birthday Boy Clay Buccholz got gunned down at home despite a "beautiful" bellyflop.... but his base-running blunder would soon be forgotten in the name of Victor Martinez... stay with me here....

Wait !!! WHAT !?!?!?! Buccholz got thrown out at home plate, you ask ??? Indubitably... in his infinite "wisdom" (or because the only other choice was Casey Kotchman), Tito sent Bucchy in to pitch-run for Captain Tek... WOOOOOOOOOOEEEE !!!! Uh Tito, didn't you see Tek's lightning when he beat out that infield hit ?!?!?!?! Funny thing is, he left Tek on the basepaths until AFTER Woody struck out after 2 "failed" bunt attempts.... or after taking 2 strikes WITHOUT making an attempt....

But with Pedey coming to the plate Tito pulled the 'ole switcharoo... apparently Buccholz is actually the fastest on the team, clocking a 4.3 in the 40 (yard dash)... ok ok ok, I need to see a "horse" race between Bucchy and the Stallion (Jacoby)... BUT, also apparent is he has no clue how to run the bases !!!! Stick to pitching kid, THAT you CAN do !!!!!! Nuf Ced

So, Pedey scorches one off the left field wall..... ok, I ADMIT... THAT park has the most distracting left field wall in the league... and Bucchy did his best John-Belushi-in-Animal-House routine, hopping back and forth between 2nd and 3rd base, before turning on the jets, stumbling around 3rd and belly-flopping into an out at the plate.... Chin up BUCCH-a-roo, you're day will come ... sound familiar ?!?!?!.... NUF CED

But as mentioned, it WAS Clay's birthday.... and he got a big birthday surprise when V-Mart stepped to the dish... in probably his toughest at bat in a Sox uniform V-DOG hung tough fouling off several pitches with the game on the line... he finally found one to his liking and promptly ripped a double into the right field corner driving in the tying and go ahead (ultimately WINNING) runs....

JBay followed with a single, scoring V-Mart... and then tallied himself on JD's 2-run tater.. capping off the scoring and sealing the deal on the victory as Paps came in for mop-up duty in the 9th in yet ANOTHER non-save appearance....

Uh..... Penny take the pill tonight.... Nuf Ced

As always... it's been real... it's been fun... and it really HAS been a lot of fun !!!

Stay tuned.... I'm feeling the urge to rip someone a new one with regard to the Big Papi statements....



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