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Sox Recap - game from August 28th, 2009

OR... Bay's Blast saves Beckett's [Butt]

{{{shaking head}}} I listened to a John Farrell interview prior to last night's game.... obviously he's been reading this blog !!!... ok, I can dream... anyway, Farrelll stated that there is nothing physically wrong with Josh Beckett and that they worked on a couple of mechanical issues - he was "getting under the ball"... obviously it's been opposing batters getting under his balls... UHHHHH, PITCHES !!!! .... and lifting them over the walls....

SOOOOOOOOOO... like any other skeptical Red (Sox) blooded fan, having been "relieved" to hear that our ace is still king, I watched.... I don't need to tell you how important it is to have our ace in the wild card race.... So, I watched..... and waited..... for proof... and I continue to wait...

The only "proof" I ascertained last night is that Beckett is ailing - be it physical or mental, this is NOT the vintage JB (I prefer tequila myself) I've come accustomed to... as he continues to give up "shots" to opposing batters... and last night deuces were wild as Josh gave up 2 more big flies and got flushed from the game after 5 innings....

Beckett did K(ing) nine batters but it was the other JB(ay), our Captain (and Coke) and a scotch... uh KOTCHman, that sent the full house at the Fens home winners.... suddenly I'm thirsty... "One bourbon... One scotch... One beer !! yeah, Thorogood !!! I could have used 3 of each last night.... Nuf Ced

Anyway, down early, and 3-0 in the 4th, our boys were finally able to line up some shots of their own in their half of the frame.... singles by Youk, Papi, JD (mmmm, Jack works too), a sac fly by Tek and a double (shot) by Lefty to the triangle and our boys had bellied up and tied the score, 3-3.... CHEERS !!!

But that Fenway buzz didn't last long as JB served up ANOTHER round (tripper) to the... uh BJays????? BLUE JAYS !!! in the top of the "5th"... mechanics aside, perhaps Beckett has been moonlighting at as a bar-keep McGreevy's... or SHOULD be... he's certainly been serving up a LOT of shots lately....Nuf Ced

Thankfully JBay wasn't having any of THAT and jingled the bell (ball) way up there.....
off of the Sports Authority sign to tie the game AGAIN, 5-5....

And JBay had a glow on defensively too... tossing down (with a little help from his friends) the would-be go ahead, RUN thanks to a Tek(stbook) job of blocking the plate by The Captain as the runner was barreling toward home .... Nuf Ced

FINALLY the boys the were able to take the lead and upped the ante in the 8th... when they were "loaded" on the bases.... (S)Kotchman pounded a hard shot to 1st, scoring a run, and ultimately sinking the Jays as our 'pen outlasted theirs.... ALTHOUGH !!!!!!!!!! Paps came out for last call and almost put us under the table, loading the bases in the 9th, before capping off the night and sending the Faithful home happy... Nuf Ced

"Still loving you" (Scorpions) UHHHHH, "my" Twinkies.... as they ate up the Rangers 3-2.... extending The Sox' wild card lead to 2-1/2 games... hmmmm, now I'm thirsty AND hungry.... BUT, tequila and twinkies ?!?!?!?

Anyway, Buchy gets HIS chance to come up aces tonight... hopefully he can (texas) hold 'em and deal the Jays a 2/3 (uh, 2 or 3 runs)... providing (tropical storm) Danny doesn't flush out the game... although either way, you know the Fens will be a full house !!! Nuf Ced

As always, it's been real..... it's been fun..... and it really has been lots of fun...

-Nuf Ced


Chris Mollo said...

Ahhh, a classic Sox comeback! The power hitter saves the embattled hurler. I can hear the bat crack now as I strain my neck to see the ball clear the Monster! Hats off to JB, JB, JD, and the Captain! - "Nuf Ced".

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