Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Sites Along the Way

In traveling the highways and bi-ways of America, uh, 3 New England states, yesterday, I observed several things that provoked my twisted mind to think....

"The Backdraft Cafe".... not sure why this sign still stands.... the place burned down over 6 years ago !!! ... someone had ESP....

"Food Next Exit" .... 2 icons below advertising Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins... hmmmmm, donuts and ice cream... yeah, that's my idea of a square meal !!

Along those lines... "Reduced Salt Area"... phew, I NEED to eat near here... I'm on a low sodium diet

Still along those lines... "The Golden Shower".. a Chinese restaurant... uh, anyone guess THEIR secret ingredient... that's just gross

"For Rent"... not unusual.. BUT, this sign is posted on Winfield & Sons Funeral Home.... I'm all set dude, I SAW "The Haunting in CT" !!!!!!!!!

"Mowing aHEAD"... is this some reference to the old joke... "Nah, I didn't get a haircut, I got in a fight with a lawn mower"

"Reservoir: NO SWIMMING"... woe woe woe.. I can't swim in it but you expect me to drink it?!?!? Actually, I like this one as I certainly don't want to drink someone's pee....

"Gas Exit 10".... Ha, I've had gas since exit 5, dude !!!!!!

"Trucks Test Breaks".... wait a minute, do they not care if the cars' breaks work too... I DO !!!!

"Hartford Radiator"... this place is in Johnston, RI !!!! at least 60 miles from Hartford... someone needs GPS

I'm sure no one can explain this to me.... "Highway Ends 1/2 mile" IMMEDIATELY followed by "Road Work 1 mile".... HUH???? did I miss something????

"No Littering - fines up to $10,000" .... WTF ?!?!?! $10k ?!?!?! I REALLY need to know what you need to "dump" to have a $10,000 fine levied !!!!!!!!!

"Clean Restroom".. ha, it may be clean dude but when I leave it's gonna SMELL like a dump !!!!

A "Peter Pan" Bus.... boy was he flying in the high speed lane... must have been chasing Tinkerbell.... right behind ya dude, she's a cutie !!!

Along those lines.... several buses with Asian names... like "Fung-Wah Bus" lines... the Google tells me these are commuter buses from Boston to New York... wow, the rickshaw has come a long way...

Uh, "Entering Lincoln"... Honest Abe may have been a great man but ......

I never claimed to be normal....

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