Monday, August 10, 2009

Sox Recap - game from August 9th, 2009 - and then some....

I don't need to tell you that I'm more than a little concerned as the Sox continue their slide home (back to Boston, 6-1/2 games behind)

In yet ANOTHER critical contest last night in the Bronx, it was our beloved boys that proved to be the "Bummers", dropping the series finale 5-2.... and being swept by the Evil Empire in the process...

Johnny Lester wasn't lights out but certainly pitched his tail off giving the team a good chance at a well-needed victory..... allowing a lowly run (frigging dinger to A-Rod [hole]) in 7 innings before giving up the pill to the trusty 'pen. Send in the clowns.....ARGHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! Nuf Ced

Danny Boy Bard, normally a batter's nightmare, blew another save (and got pinned with the loss). Uh........... Attn John Farrell.... TEACH THIS KID A CHANGE-UP... PLEEEEASE !!!!

"Promptly" getting 2 outs in the 8th, Danny Boy then served up back to back big flies... the first to Johnny Damon (uh, can someone check his pee please ?!?!?! How the heck does he have 21 dingers ???) Next up, Mark Teixeira (I wonder if he inherited Giambi's golden thong along with his number) gave another fan a souvenir (wow, would be nice to have THAT bat in our line-up, huh?) ..... Nuf Ced

I'm not pointing an accusing finger at the pitching staff.... in 5 of the last 6 losses they've given up 6 runs or less.... You can't score 6 or 7 runs a game guys ?!?!?!

Apparently not.... having been shutout 2 games in a row (1 game being of the 15 inning variety) and going 31-1/3 STRAIGHT scoreless innings !!!! WTF ?!?!? This from one of the most potent offenses in the league ??? Been pretty impotent lately... well, except fo Pedey of course (with Kelli being "with child" and all) Nuf Ced

UHHHH..... Where the heck are your bats, boys ?!?!?! THAT'S IT !!!!!!!!! Maybe the bat boys..... or the ball girls !!!!!!!!!

The only bright spot in last night's game was the 2-run dinger by V-Mart that gave the Sox the temporary (VERY temporary) lead... the first lead they've held in like a bazillion years..... Ok Theo... that WAS a good move !!!! Got anymore tricks up your sleeve please ?!?!?! Nuf Ced

So, our boys are a "lofty" 9-14 or so since the All-Star break.... and have now lost 6 in a row. The timing of this skid(mark) may be a bit more than a coincedence... Papi allegation released July 30th... trading deadline, July 31st.... Sox record in August...... 2-6 !!!!!! and those 2 wins were againt the Os ! Woo Hoo, we're better than the Os !!!! but apparently not many other teams right now.... Nuf Ced

The Boys return home tonight for a "lengthy" 4 game home-stand against the Tigers. I can't WAIT to see the ovation the Faithful gives Papi !!!!!!.....

Penny takes the pill tonight - oh GEEEEEEEEEZ... can you say 7 in a row ?!?!?! They BETTER not lose 10 in a row... I'll be there on Thursday and some heads WILL roll !!!!!!!!!! I'm sure my stomach will too when I "devour" that Beckett Burger !!!

As always, it's been real.... it's been fun... and it really has been a lot of...... huh, I can't even got there after 6 losses (4 to the YANKERS) in a row....

-Nuf Ced


Penny said...

I TOLD you there was too much time between our games. They NEED us.

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