Saturday, August 8, 2009

Inspiration or Burgermaniac !!!!!

For those who haven't noticed this picture in the right sidebar under "Inspiration", TA DA... here it is. For those who don't know what it means (and actually care) clicking on the picture will link you to the Wikipedia article that explains it all.... part of which is reproduced at the bottom of this page... or you can use the handy-dandy google search that I added !!!

"BFD" (big [freaking] deal) you say ??? Ok, here's the point. As it states, Dropkick Murphys' bassist, Ken Casey, re-opened McGreevy's "Third Base Saloon" in 2008 under the new name - "McGreevy's". Go figure !!!

This past May, McGreevy's introduced "The Big Mouth Beckett Burger" - a 1 pound 9 oz (after Beckett's #19) behemoth of beef and bread that costs 30 bucks!!! (part of the proceeds got to the Beckett foundation) With it, they issued an open challenge - anyone to eat the entire burger will get a T-Shirt commemorating that you conquered this culinary catastrophe !!!! If you fail, you get a T-shirt saying that IT beat YOU !!!

Anyway, using McGreevy's infamous nick name, "Nuf Ced", in my blog almost makes me feel obligated to "visit" this historic landmark in Red Sox Nation. But, being 2 hours from Boston, the only time I go to Boston is to catch a Sox contest - usually night games....

Still not getting it?? Here we go... this Thursday I will be attending another Sox game with DeCAF - my Sox partner in crime. This Thursday is a day game !!!!! SO ????? SOOOO, this Thursday, our post-game "ritual" takes a turn - actually, a bee-line to McGreevy's - 1200 steps from Fenway !!!

I will finally visit the establishment of my inspiration !!!! AND, I WILL be ordering a Beckett Burger !!!! AND, I WILL be finishing a Beckett Burger... ok, let's not get carried away here .... I sure hope that for 30 bucks they toss in a bottle of Tums and a barf bag !!!! I wonder if the fries count.....

That's the "plan" anyway... I've got less than a week to complete my "training" for this attempt. And I hope my pal at the Fens, SAMMY, understands my "need" to be a bit less "friendly" than usual - I'll have to make it up to him next time !!!!!!

Good thing they didn't come up with a Papelbon Burger... uh, he's #58 !!!!

-Nuf Ced


Penny said...

Repeat after me:
"I will not barf in Purple Rain. I will not barf in Purple Rain. I will not..."

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