Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sox Recap - game from August 11th, 2009

Take me out to the BRAWL game... OR...
WWE meets the Fens !!!!

The Beantown Beanball Battle continued last night between the Bosox and the Tigers. Although Monday night things remained relatively calm, last night the teams got their jock-straps in a bunch and testiticular fortitude (Mick Foley, I presume... although I believe I remember Gorilla Monsoon using the term) spewed all over the infield... uhhhhhhhhhh, did I just say THAT !?!?

It all started during Monday's game... Miguel Cabrera (the Tiger's best player) got plunked by Penny (NOT on purpose, heh heh heh) so Youk (one of our hotter hitters...if there are any) was later the object of the Tiger's retaliation, taking one for the team and "calmly" trotting to first base....

Fast forward to last night.... it appeared to be "Rookie's Night To Prove Themselves" at the Fens... When Cabrera stepped to the dish in the 1st inning, Junichi TAZawa (Sox rookie starter) threw a fastball that "got away" (uh, ok) and promptly nailed Cabrera's hand to his bat.... AND, Cabrera couldn't answer the bell in the second inning.... something about X-rays !!!!! NICE PITCH, you little devil !!! Nuf Ced

Not to be outdone, Tiger's rugrat starter, Rick Porcello, went high and tight on V-Mart in the 1st- but MISSED. "Nice shootin' Tex !!! (48 Hours) .... Uh, Ricky boy, haven't you noticed that V-Mart is 0-series ?!?!?! If my lip reading is up to snuff, V-Mart's reaction was something like "WTF ?!?!?"

Next inning, after Cabrera couldn't continue, up came Youk... apparently Porcello adjusted his scope and shot one right between Youk's numbers... 2 0... (good thing it wasn't between the eyes - LONG LIVE TONY C.) ..... I can't believe Eck thought it was inadvertent... This time Youkah got a bit testy (testi)

Let the battle royal begin !!!!!! Youk promptly tossed his bat down (and his helmet at Porcello - he must have thought it was a "hard core match") and charged the mound. After a brief collar and elbow tie-up, Youk's efforts at a take-down on Porcello were thwarted as the 6'5" pitcher pulled a reverse take-down (and possibly a Russian Leg Sweep - all happened so fast) and got the pin-fall while the benches cleared. Hey Killer (Kowalski - may he rest in peace) I think I have a candidate for your wrestling academy !!!! Nuf Ced

Oh.... and SOMEONE owes me a malt beverage as mine hit the "canvas" during the fisticuffs........

Anyway, it would prove to be a nail in the coffin for the Tigers (and the mastermind behind that "attack") as Youk got ejected and the Sox had to call in the reinforcements - in the name of Mikey Lowell !!!!!.... Mikey's 2 missiles guided our boys to the top of the mountain and victory in this war of attrition... Bring it on Detroit... we got the cavalry on our side !!!! Nuf Ced

TAZ got off to a rough start (causing EXTREME worry).... In the first inning of his 1st major league start, Nick Green went from hero to heel... botching a "sure" double play ball that would have ended the inning without the Tigers infiltrating the scoreboard... uh, NICKY !!!!!!!!! ... I wonder if Tazawa was having flashbacks.... uh, to the Japanese AMATEUR League.... 3 runs and 30-something pitches later, the Sox finally stopped the bleeding.....

It was smooth sailing (DeCAF !!!) from there for Taz though, as his confidence and OWN testicular fortitude grew... uh, you know know what I mean. He was able to maneuver his way through 4 additional innings without further confrontation (or errors), securing HIS 1st victory .... let's see.... no errors = no runs... interesting concept !!!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

The bullpen proved to be unpredictable.... go figure !!!! After 3 innings of near perfect pitching by the 'pen, Paps (you KNOW my thought here) took the pill in a none-save appearance... Although striking out the side in the 9th, Paps gave up a double and a 2-run homer that brought the Tigers to within 7-5... maybe he was TRYING to make it a save situation..... hmmmmmm, Jigman, please don't CREATE save opportunities.... I'm really cool if you don't end up with 79 as long as we win... Nuf Ced

JBay seems to have reloaded his bazooka, launching a 3-run bomb in the second inning to knot the score at 3... Welcome back to the BAY state, Jason !!!!!!!! Jacoby continued his burglary spree, nabbing base #52... getting closer, I'm thinking Thursday is the day !!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!... while V-Mart remains hitless at home..... chin up buckaroo (or "el mentón arriba buckaroo") ... every dog has his day....yours may be today !!!!!!!!

Beckett's on the bump tonight !!!!!!!!!!! I'll bet he has his arm tuned....98mph chin music anyone ?!?!?!? I can't WAIT to see this !!!! Nuf Ced

As always... it's been real.... it's been fun... and it really has been a lot of fun !!!!!!!!!!!



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