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Sox Recap - game from August 30th, 2009

Boston gives the Blue Jays the Byrd

I start today's post with a shout out and a "Thank You" to Joe Castiglione - Red Sox radio announcer. I was in my car at the start of the game yesterday listening to the broadcast when I heard something to the effect of.... "Opposing scouts say that the Fenway (speed) gun runs a "bit" fast".....

NOOOOOO, I will NOT break my arm patting myself on the back (shoulder surgery and arthritis prohibits self back-patting). I type slow enough as it is... never mind with a broken arm... But it was good to hear that I'm NOT crazy...well, not THIS time at least... Be that as it may, keep in mind when watching hurlers at the Fens and the gun says "96"... it's really like 94 in every other park.... Nuf Ced

Now, on to yesterday's game.... "HOLY [CRAP]" pretty much sums it up. I know I made a prediction about Paul Byrd taking the pill yesterday but WTF dude!?!?!? Just a month ago, Byrd was pitching to 13 year-old kids on his son's little league team... Less than a day ago he was making Toronto's line-up look 13 years old (did that make sense???).... shutting the Blue Jays out for 6 innings on 3 hits... redundancy abounds as I dare say .... what a difference a MONTH makes... Nuf Ced

For those not "Up to snuff" (uh, title of my archive list), The Sox signed Byrd out of retirement last month to bolster a rapidly depleting "best pitching staff in baseball". Paul Byrd proved, for yesterday at least, what a genius Theo Epstein is !!! ... (and myself too !!!)

I was happy at the announcement last month and stated yesterday that Byrd is a steady arm, good for 5-6 innings of 2 or 3 run ball... Yesterday he gave the Nation, AND the Blue Jays... much more than anyone could have imagined... I know, I know, you're only as good as your last outing... Well then, TODAY BYRD IS BRILLIANT !!!!!!! Nuf Ced

Also brilliant was the bullpen, preserving Byrd's masterpiece....pitching 3 innings of 2-hit shutout ball... as the Sox swept the Jays 7-0. Notably, Billy Wagner made his Sox debut and pitched the 8th, striking out the side, despite rendering a 2-bagger.... I wonder how Paps is feeling about that ?!?!?!? No worries Jigman... "IT" happens (right "G(r)ump(y)" !?!?!?!) Nuf Ced

Although Roy Halladay lasted SIX innings THIS time, our boys had him on the ropes early and often, tallying single runs in each of the first four frames... the knock-out punch came against the Blue Jays bullpen as the bombers put together a rally (albeit, a Blue Jay aided rally.... but a rally none the less) and scored 3 more... it was Halladay's 3rd consecutive ineffective start... maybe HE needs to see a "Doc" !!!!!.... Nuf Ced

Leading the Sox assault was ??? ............. nah, not Pedey and Jacoby THIS day... although they DID chip in (of course)... but, YOUK led the way with 2 hits and 3 rbi - including a sac fly... GONZO also had 2 hits and an rbi... I can't wait until this kid learns how to hit... his average has risen like 15 points since joining the boys !!!!!!!!NUF CED

Completing the well-rounded attack with a safety each.... ROCCO ('s Modern Life???? never mind !!!!) went yard, JD, VMart, Jacoby and Papi (plus a walk) oh and Pedey !!! had a hit each. Uh, Pedey had a double OF COURSE - that's 41 for the season AND COUNTING !!!

Our boys are off tonight but open a crucial (yeah yeah yeah) series tomorrow against the Kazmir-less Tampa Bay Rays !!!! Whew, Kazmir "KILLS" the Sox (great tune though... uh, Kashmir.... by Led Zep... ahhhhhhhh, ok it's a streeeeetch !!!)... but [CRAP!!!] they dealt him to the Angels !!!! [DARN], we're bound to see him anyway !!!!!!! Nuf Ced

The Yankers won yesterday, maintaining their 6-game divisional lead... BUT, the Twinkies took a bite out of Texas AGAIN.... increasing our boys' wild card lead to 3-1/2 games !!!....

OK, if anyone has loitered on a single page here (YEAH RIGHT)... well, or actually checked out the playlist (ummmm, in the right sidebar), you'll notice several new additions.... NO... not New Edition.... new songs... if you think I've totally flipped my wig... OR, head-banger mentality.... NO WORRIES.... these new songs have specific meaning to several members of the Red Sox.... any guesses... go ahead and google it... I DID !!!!!...

Ok, here's a hint... thank you to "" for the info.. and "" for actually having the songs.... Nuf Ced

As always..... it's been real.... it's been fun.... and it really has been lots of fun !!!!!

-Nuf Ced


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