Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sox Review /Preview......

.... AND...... Beatlemania !!!

I'm sure no one needs to tell any member of Red Sox Nation the importance of the series that commences tonight - a 4-game series against the Bronx Bummers !!!! and A-Roid is back... ok WHATEVER !!!!

With our Bombers 2-1/2 games behind, they MUST win at least 3 out of the 4 games at hand... Obviously ANOTHER sweep would be better than nice !!!!
Unfortunately, I'm feeling pretty unsure that at this point the Sox can sweep the Yanks in New York (or anywhere for that matter !!!) Nuf Ced

The current road trip has gone thus: they lost 2 out of 3 at Oakland..... swept 3 games in Baltimore (oh, if we could only play Baltimore EVERY night right now) - a series in which Josh Beckett won his league leading 13th game (uh, not a bad omen, I HOPE!!!!).... then traveled to the Trop (Tampa) where in game 1 Johnny Lester pitched his [butt] off only to have the bullpen (AND LONGORIA) ruin a nice outing - and stopped Danny Boy Bard's scoreless streak in the process.

In game 2 against the Rays, our boys were Pennyless (again) - certainly adding MORE question marks to Brad's future role with the club as once again Penny couldn't make it to the 7th inning. And our bats and fielding, although showing signs of brilliance at times (YOUK and V-MART!!! - and Josh Reddick before they put him back to work on the farm - GEESH!!!), have, for the MOST part, ALSO been inconsistent..... OK OK OK, they JUST recalled Reddick - WHEW !!!!.... Nuf Ced

Smoltzie toes the rubber tonight in a critical start for HIS very own future with the "big boys". The Sox have lost 5 of Smoltz's 7 starts to date... C'mon John, I stuck up for you when they called you up, don't let me down !!!! Perhaps enough is enough... and tonight may just prove that to be true.... I HOPE NOT !!!

A Byrd in the rotation is worth 2 in the bullpen ??? Deja Vu ??? The Sox have signed Paul Byrd to a minor league deal in an effort to solidify the starting rotation... sounds pretty familiar !!! Maybe they should have just signed him over the winter and not sent him into "temporary" retirement, huh??? A move that certainly has ties to Penny and Smoltz... at least Theo is thinking !!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

The Sox have OFFICIALLY "removed" Dice-k from the rotation... Uh, didn't you do that when you sent him back to "spring" training... I have to believe that Dice-k's slander against the Sox and their training program have something to do with his "removal" - although he DID "clear" things up recently, somehow learning English over the last month or so... there must be a "Don't 'dis' bosses" clause in his contract !!!!!!! Cut your losses, Theo !!! Nuf Ced

Papi..... oh, Papi..... You're killing me, bro... and I'm sure MANY !!! It's now been almost a week. I still love ya big guy but the longer it takes to "find out the truth", the more it looks like you're trying to run from the truth. Even admitting that you did use PEDs at this point would be anti-climactic.... I'm hoping you host a blockbuster press conference SOON ... at least for your own reputation..... Nuf Ced
THIS JUST IN !!!!!!!!!! A press conference will be held Saturday for a NATIONALLY televised audience - good luck, bro !!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... BEATLEMANIA anyone !!!!!!!! I must admit that I was never a Beatles' fan. Certainly I had heard many of their songs many times but would and have never purchased or downloaded any of their music. None the less, the opportunity to go to a Paul McCartney concert at the Fens dropped into my lap - THANK YOU THANK YOU DeCAF's mother's friend !!!!!!!! But, HE"S 67 years old !!!!!!!! Thank God for Geritol !!!!! Nuf Ced

I, being a hearty concert goer, seized the opportunity of a lifetime to see one of the pioneer's of music perform live - and AT THE FENS, NO LESS !!!!!!!!! And, oh so glad am I that I did !!!! The weather was great for an outdoor show... ok, it was humid as [heck] !!! .... we had great seats, opting to NOT upgrade to the field due to the Sam Adams stand that was within spitting distance... and may God strike me down if I wasn't familiar with probably 80% of the songs they played (INCOMING !!!!!!!!!!!!)...

Seriously though, It was a great night !!! ... DESPITE all the traffic woes encountered trying to actually get to the concert.. AND the "nice" Security Guard that kindly informed me that there's "no recording allowed" ... BUT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF "HEY JUDE", dude ?!?!?!? C'mon, give a guy a break !!! Little did he know I already had more than half the set on my Blackberry... Nuf Ced

Sir McCartney was VERY entertaining and pleasantly surprised me.... he obviously did some research as he mentioned the "Green Monster" and Ted Williams' red seat... very impressed - and that's not easy to do... in case you haven't noticed !!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

The "capper" to the night (uh, or at 2 am!!!) was when I was JUST getting back to my hometown and Bambi (or Donner or Blitzen) decided that it would be "fun" to play chicken (or DEER) with me as I approached the center of town... needless to say, THEY WON !!!!!!!

As always.... it's been real... it's been fun..... And it really has been a lot of fun !!!!

-Nuf Ced


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