Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sox Recap - game from August 12th, 2009

EVERY Dawg DOES Have His Day !!

I only have time for a quickie ..... uh, brief post this morning .... as I need to prepare for my journey to Red Sox Nation's mecca - the FENS !!!! - obviously a trip that every member of the Nation should make at least once in their lifetime.... Nuf Ced

As I advised V-Mart yesterday... every dog has his day.... so, was yesterday V-Mart's day ??? Well, seeing as he didn't play..... NO !!!!

Was it JBay or Mikey's day? hmmmm, the each had 3 hits and went yard.... uh..... NO !!!!

Was it Beckett's day ??? Josh WAS impressive.... "spotting" all night... eeew, THAT came out wrong... going 7 strong and leading our boys to an 8-2 victory... BUT..... NO !!!!!!

Then it must have been the bullpen's day... pitching 2 innings of shut-down ball to preserve the victory... uh, like that will ever happen...

OK OK OK... so who's day was it ???...... DA DA DA DA DA.... It was REMDAWG'S day !!!! That's right, despite the Bombers heroics on the field last night, Jerry Remy's return to the Fens certainly rose above them all... actually HE was above them all... making a cameo return to his workspace in the booth (doesn't he look happy to be "home"?) with Eck and Don.... OF COURSE to a thunderous and emotional ovation from Red Sox Nation's contingency at the Fens !!!!!!!!! (and some of us watching at home!!!)

Welcome BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK, little guy. Remdawg was evasive about an exact return date.... a classy move in trying NOT to disappoint those of us eagerly awaiting. But I surely hope his appearance is evidence that his return is inevitable... and hopefully SOON !!! No offense to Eck and the dozens of "stand-ins" .... but I DO miss the phrase "Buenos noches AMIGOS !!" Nuf Ced

As I prepare to make the trip, I can't hope but notice that mother Nature is trying to rain on my "parade"... LITERALLY !!!!!!! WOMEN !!!!!

Speaking of .... "Uh, Ms. Nature..... please hold back the "tears". I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing your disciple, Kathryn Tappen !!!!, UP close and personal during the pre-game show on Yawkey Way. It could (WILL) be a very "uplifting" experience, Ma'am. If you continue to rain down on me, it will be I whom is crying." Nuf Ced

Anyway, today's itinerary goes something like this:
1) Meet Sox partner in crime, DeCAF, along the journey
2) Continue journey to the promised land
4) Re-unite with GOOD Fenway friend, Sammy !!! he's my best "bud" their... well...DeCAF understands
5) Pray - for a Sox victory, of course
6) Travel the additional 1200 steps (TO MCGREEVY'S)
7) Battle the "evil" Beckett Burger
8) Pray again..... to the "porcelain queen"!!!
9) Return home, humbled... and a "new" man

Bucky on the bump today going for the Tiger sweep against Detroit's ACE.... I better start praying now and not stop until the "fat lady sings" .... or until The Dropkick Murphys sing "Tessie" as it were..... (for those not fortunate to make the pilgrimage to the Fens.... Tessie plays at the conclusion of the game)

Ok, gotta run.... It's been real.... it's been fun..... and it really has been a lot of fun !!!



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