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Sox Recap - game from August 10th, 2009

Sox Snap Six-game Skid --- GOING GREEN !!

Our boys of summer returned to the friendly confines of the Fens last night and found a cure for their fledgling offense........ but "Going Green" I say ??? are they envious ??? NO !!! sea-sick ??? NO !!! a tornado is coming ??? ("Twister" reference - GREAT movie !!) AGAIN, NO !!! - although TAZawa takes the mound tonight (more later).... then it must be.....NICKY GREEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a rare display of small ball and big flies, (and some nagging injuries subsiding - I hate nagging, GEESH !!) the Beantown Bombers bested the central leading Tigers 6-5, as the Yankers were being beaten by the Blue Jays !!! It ain't over 'til it's ooOOoover !!! (Lenny Kravitz)

Brad Penny was on the bump last night and looked like a million bucks... uh ok, maybe a C-note.... Although STILL not able to make it through, or even TO, 7 innings, Penny pitched 6 strong frames giving up just 3 runs on 6 hits, leaving the ballgame with the Bosox ahead 5-3... although I nearly tossed my hands (and dinner) up in frustration in the very first inning... BRAAAAAAAAAD !!!!!! "Funny" that Brad only had 3 strikeouts.... dare I recall saying that the fewer strikeouts he has, the better he pitches... go figure... Nuf Ced

Despite Penny's strong effort, it wasn't strong enough - next time only give up 2 runs, ok big guy ?!?!?! Enter the 'pen !!!!!!!! Understandably the bullpen band has been greatly over-"played".. and worked, lately with recent 13 and 15 inning contests to contribute to (and 6-inning efforts by the starter !!!) ... ADDing (uh, ADHD ??) to my concerns posted awhile ago (read back)...

Manny Delcarmen entered in the 7th and got roughed up a "bit"... giving the lead to the Tigers. Manny needs to listen his "Kid Nation" coach more!!!! But ManDel, when you feature 96-mph high cheese, DON'T CONTINUE TO THROW THE BREAKING BALL, ok dude ?!?!? You owe Nick Green a steak dinner (or at least a Beckett Burger) for taking your butt out of the fire.... Nuf Ced

RamRam pitched effectively in earning the victory and Paps was perfect in picking up the ANOTHER 4-out save - his #28 of the year. Hey Jigman... how's about saving.... uh, I don't know... say.... 79 games this year !!!! (51 games left).....

The bombers bats thundered early with "Lefty" (gangster talk for Jacoby) leading off the festivities with a double and PEDEY depositing one into the monster seats in the first inning.... note... Dustin had 4 dingers in his first 250 or so at bats.... in his last 59 at-bats, he's had 5 !!!! Did I make a prediction there ?!?!? Nuf Ced

Leading the 12-hit (3 HOMER) attack were Jacoby (who also nabbed base #51 !!!! 3 to tie, 4 to win dude..... hmmmm, I'll be at the Fens on Thursday - Nuf Ced), Youk, JD and Casey "at the bat" with 2 hits each.... and "nice" play in the field (JD !!!!!!).

Rounding out the fireworks were Pedey (that 2-run dinger), JBay (solo jobby - although, a little pull on that 415 ft. fly-out and ...) and Nicky Green (also a solo shot - OVER the "GREEN" Monster - ha, no need to lower it that time huh ???) Papi chipped in with an rbi single that no shift could have defended.... But PAPI, what's up with straying too far from first and subsequently getting thrown out ?!?!?!? No worries big guy, I got some vitamins that'll cure that... KIDDING !!!! You know I love ya.... Nuf Ced

Despite 3 big flies, inevitably it was a bit of small ball that brought home the winning run in the seventh... after a JD single, Casey singled him to 3rd on a hit and run... WHOAH !!!! When's the last time the Sox hit and ran ?!?!?!? and with JD Drew no less... ok JD, that makes up for the "muff" in right.... CHA-CHING !!!!

The GREEN "giant" promptly lifted a fly ball, scoring JD on a sacrifice fly giving our boys the lead (and inevitably the victory) ... now THAT'S how to play ball....Maybe it's the Tigers that are going green..... Nuf Ced

Taking the hill tonight ?!?!?! TAZ !!! - I love that little Devil... NO, not him !!!! uh, [Japanese first name] TAZawa.... ok, his first name is Junichi... but, he's a 23 year old the Sox were "forced" to bring up due to injuries and ineffectiveness of the starting rotation.... did he even play in AAA Pawtucket???? I think he came right from AA Portland..... corrected... he did pitch for the Pawsox...

I'm a bit concerned here as the Sox picked up Taz from the "Japanese Industrial League".... is that really a league ?!?!? sounds semi-pro (CONFIRMED) .... Anyway, Taz debuted against the Yankers and got roughed up.... although, the entire team got roughed up that weekend !!!! It could be "interesting" tonight... hopefully a Sox' "just-out-of-diapers pitcher" can do what the rest of the league's do to us..... Nuf Ced

As always..... it's been real... it's been fun..... and it really has been alot of fun !!!!!

Nuf Ced


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