Sunday, August 9, 2009

Señor David "Big Papi" Aramis (now Ortiz) - Parte Dos

"I never buy steroids or use steroids" - Big Papi

Big Papi held the press conference yesterday and cleared the air concerning the allegation that he tested positive for steroids in 2003.... NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

As I focused 100% of my attention on the TV at 12:30 yesterday afternoon to hear what this was all about, I became 100% MORE confused and frustrated about the situation - to the point that I just don't give a rat's [butt] anymore !!!

Steroids, Andro, supplements, vitamins..... yada yada yada !!!!

Papi was humble, reserved and in control considering the frustration he has been through over the last 10 days - a time period necessary to find the answers he was looking for to tell Red Sox Nation - and the world. BUT, there were no answers to be had - or to be shared....

To those who didn't see the press conference, I urge you to click Papi's pic to link to the story. Someone read it and tell me WTF is going on - this "situation" goes way deeper than I could have ever imagined !!!

Kudos to Michael Weiner (uh, no comment), union general counsel (uh, lawyer?), for sitting in with Papi (a move deemed controversial by at least 1 "astute" reporter in attendance) - AND for tossing the monkey wrenches into the mix !!! I "walked" away from the TV positive that HE knows exactly what the results revealed but cited "court orders" (and legal BULL[CRAP]), prohibited him from sharing that, even with Papi himself.. "WTF dude", this is people's lives your toying with here !!!!!!!!! and Red Sox Nation as a whole !!!!!!!

Based on Weiner's "testimony", I don't think we'll ever know the truth about the list, etc etc etc... and frankly, I don't even care anymore !! Although I DO care about the impact that this whole controversy is having on the players lives and the game of baseball itself....[Frigging] "PLAY BALL !!!!"

As Weiner continued to "explain" the whole (tainted) testing procedures and results, all I can think is.... "With all the ambiguities connected here, does "THE LIST" actually mean anything, ANYWAY ?!?!?!"... I REALLY don't care who is and who isn't on that list NOW !!!!!!!!! Give ME the [frigging] list, I have a bonfire I need to start !!!

One topic that did arise is "Andro"... or Androstenedione - (use the Google if you want to know more, but) here's a brief.... note that Andro triggered a false positive during the testing as it wasn't banned at the time - AND is not actually a steroid... it's an HGH.

"Pronounced andro-steen-dee-own, is a direct precursor to the hormone testosterone. Andro is produced naturally in every man and woman. In fact, it is found in Scotch pine trees, and this is the reason that some considered it a dietary supplement .

First developed in the 1970's by German researchers, it was given to German Olympic athletes to enhance performance in the games. This supplement first appeared in the United States in the mid 1990's. It was a big seller and sports superstars such as Mark McGwire (who hit 70 home runs in one season) endorsed the supplement pills."

No disrespect to Papi because I don't believe he ever did steroids, anyway. And as far as being "careless" with the supplements and vitamins he was taking at the time... WHO CARES what you were taking - vitamins and supplements aren't illegal !!!!! And at the time, NOTHING was banned from baseball !!! No worries, Big guy... it's all good !!!

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