Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sox Recap - game from August 21st, 2009

Or the DAWG days of summuh !!!!

It was a glorious night at the Fens last night.... uhhhhhhh !!!! Having visited the Nation's capitol half a dozen times this summer I'm SURE there was plenty to see and do ... our boys are in the heat of a play-off race... the Evil Empire is in town... AND AND AND.... Jerry Remy made his LONG-awaited return... "Buenos Noches Amigos" was music to my ears... and Remdawg, I can certainly understand your part-time status but please PLEASE PLEASE promise me that the Nation won't be forced to experience anymore viola recitals... I'm an air-guitar guy myself... and THAT "thing" is well out of tune.. YYYEEEEEOOOOUUUUCH !!!!

SOOOO... "all was well in the Nation !!!!" UNTIL the "contest" actually started. A game that is now listed in Webster's under the heading of "WTF". To say "What a difference a day makes" (returning from a sweep of the Blue Jays!!!) would be a gross understatement. Ah well... "There's always tomorrow"... or today even..... Nuf Ced

The Sox offense did more than their share..... banging out 12 hits and scoring 11 runs INCLUDING 4 runs in the ninth. Our boys should have "walked off" with a win... instead they walked off with their [gluteus maximi] in hand.

Leading the "cudah shudah wudah" attack was Mikey Lowell... collecting 3 base hits, including a big fly.... Dustin the double machine had TWO 2-baggers... and Big Papi had a couple of hits too.... chipping in with a safety each were Cpt Tek (who went yard)... Casey (at the bat) Kotchman, Nicky Green, Rocco and JACOBY !!!!! whom ALSO stole another bag last night... tying Tommy Harper for the Sox record of 54 in a season.... do I remember making a prediction the other day ???? NUF CED

But, with baseball being the cut-throat sport that it is.... Tito replaced VMart, Youk, JBay, and JD after they collectively were 0-7...... the "replacements" subsequently went 4-7 (including Tek's tater) plus 3 walks... hmmmmmmmm... I wonder what line-up SHUDAH started !!!! ... but Nicky in left field ?!?!?!? oh, wait... that IS where the GREEN monster resides... Nuf Ced

Despite a decent offensive display... the Sox pitching staff looked like an Italian (last) supper... spaghetti arms serving up spicy meatballs.... I mean, I know that the Stinkees are playing good ball (ooooo, THAT hurt to admit) BUT !!!!! ....... 20 runs on 23 hits ?!?!?!?! C'mon boys, did you think you were in the "north end" ??? And YES (not the network)... I will take some cheese to go with my whine....although.... Rocco Baldelli did see some action... hmmmmm

Anyway, the Sox' Penny continued to be "tails up" (sing the lymric here)... or more like ... tail between his legs... uh.... Brad was heavily tarnished, going only 4 innings + 2 batters in the 5th (you KNOW my thoughts here !!!!) giving up 8 runs on 10 hits.... time to toss that "lucky" Penny into a wishing well ????? (just in case you DIDN'T know my thoughts...) Nuf Ced

But wait !!!! Didn't our boys score 11 runs ???? Don't they have "one of the best bullpens in baseball"? ....YUUUUUUUP.... So.... HOW DID WE LOSE ?!?!?!? MY thoughts anyone ???? I'll give you 1 guess... RIGHT !!!!!!!!!! Exit Penny and enter the "pen"... more like going from the frying pan into the fire...

Honestly I feel bad for Michael Bowden..... seemingly brought up from the farm to be last night's scapegoat... the Sox "let" Bowden take it on the chin last night as he served up popcorn balls... I mean I LOVE popcorn as much as the next guy but.... the Yankers popped his pitches all over the place.... to the tune of 7 runs on 8 hits (AND 3 walks) over just 2 innings of "relief"... chin up Bowdy... just protect your throat !!!! Nuf Ced

The only bright spot from the 'pen was Takashi (NERD) Saito who pitched a perfect 8th... stopping the bleeding( for all of 10 minutes).... but THAT
.... eh, bandage wasn't nearly enough as the Yanks continued to pop ALL 109 red stitches in the 9th, scoring 4 MORE runs off of RamRam to seal the victory.... ok ok ok, the victory was ALREADY sealed 3 innings prior...

THANKFULLY.... The Rays roughed up the Rangers.... Holy [crap]... did I just root for the Rays ?!?!?!... to keep our boys on top in the wild card race.... will SOMEONE make up my mind ?!?!?!? Ah, baseball... gotta love it.... Nuf Ced

There's a tornado warning in Beantown this afternoon as Junichi TAZawa toes the rubber.... Hopefully when the dust settles, this little "devil" will be the Stankers "daddy" (or ...."daifu" as it were... look it up - I DID !!!)

And nice "gig" Remdawg... come back to work for a day, then get 2 days off.... hmmm, where do I sign up.... Great to have you back my "guitar hero"... just stay off of the furniture !!!! We NEED you healthy, k?????

As ALWAYS... it's been real..... it's been fun..... and it really has been LOTS of fun !!!!!



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