Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sox Recap - game from August 24th, 2009

Or.... The Error of the (White) Sox Ways !!!

I'll start this post with an apology to Clay Buchholz... isn't it always the way?... give a guy "props" and totally jinx the [crap] out of them.... So... sorry Buchy, if I had anything to do with your less than "normal" performance last night.... but maybe Tito SHOULD continue to toss you against aces of the league.... no worries, you're still a diamond in the rough, kid....

NOW.... Buchy wasn't his best... [crap], he wasn't even MY best!!!! last night as our boys opened a critical 4-game series against the Sox of a different color - actually, white is the absence of color... uh......but THOSE Sox were blue after the fat lady sang... or, they played "Tessie" at the Fens... Nuf Ced

Ok, ok, ok - from here on in... EVERY game is critical !!!!..... But on a night that appeared to be the break Buchholz needed, it was HE that needed a break after 4-2/3 innings, giving up 7 runs on 6 hits - 2 of which went yard..... sorry for the Eck talk, but even Donny Boy Orsillo is "stuck on Eck"... isn't it so nice to have Remdawg back?? (more later)

But it was "smooth sailing" (YES, I DID just say that DeCAF ?!?!?!?) after Clay (de)parted as the bullpen calmed the (muddy) waters for the rest of the game.... but AGAIN, Danny Boy exhibited the only blemish !!!! "I know that it's time for a cool change (up)" !!!!! (uh, Little River Band - see, I'm NOT just a headbanger !!!!) Nuf Ced

RamRam picked up the win as he instantly.... uh, "relieved", Buchholz... ok, WAIT A(n) (SS) MINNOW !!!!!!!!!! (and Mary Anne rocked Ginger's world!!! you get the message - must be the "country boy" in me... RIP John Denver)... how the [freak] does a set-up guy have a 7-3 record ?!?!?!?! Not sure but keep on keeping on !!! We'll take them anyway we can get them... Nuf Ced

So, the 'pen rocked... including their spokesman, JONATHON PAPELBON.... fresh off of a pee-pee slapping by management, Jon got his [butt] (and PITCHES) into gear... Reminding me of the Paps of the past, Jigman pounded the strike zone with high cheese.... FINALLY !!!! hmmmmmmm, any correlation with Nuf Ced BEGGING for that ?!??!?!

Anyway, thankfully the Beantown Bombers continued to lace up their hitting shoes, pounding out 13 hits and scoring 12 runs to out BLAST Chicago, 12-8... increasing their lead in the wild card race to 1-1/2 games over idle Texas....

The game can be summed up by the Sox' 3rd inning at the dish.... after the Chicago pitcher loaded the bases, he went 3-0 to Papi.... on the next pitch Papi swings mightily !!!!! and dribbles one down the 1st base line.... but it was the pitcher who dribbled last as he... actually I have no frigging idea what he did !!!!... but he promptly tripped over the ball (or maybe a spider !!!) allowing Papi to be safe and a run score... I'm SURE Rudolph Nureyev wasn't impressed.... but I was.... AND I laughed !!!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

No harm, no foul right ?!?!?! WELLLLLLLLLLLL, the Chicago pitcher, Jose Contreras, learned a very valuable lesson..... FOUR "muffs" and you're OUUUUUUUT (of the game) !!!! JBay followed Papi's lead and walked, scoring another run.... with Mikey at the plate, Contreras tossed a wild pitch, scoring ANOTHER run.... THEN, Mikey put an end to Jose's misery (and his night) by depositing one somewhere in the vicinity of the Mass Pike - scoring 3 more !!!!... take a powder Contreras... and thanks for YOUR mound presents too !!!!! Nuf Ced

Guiding the ship was DOUBLES Pedroia (2 MORE 2-baggers - lest we forget my prediction) and Gonzo ?!?!?! with 3 hits each !!!!! YOUKAH (who also got "plunked" AGAIN !!) and Jacoby (double and triple) had 2 hits each.... but wait.... check me if I'm wrong Jacoby, nabbing the Sox' record-setting bag is a "WEE" bit tough when you're hitting doubles and triples, NO ?!?!?!? Here's a thought..... how about a bunt single followed by the record-setting steal.... same difference as a double RIGHT ?!?!?!? Nuf Ced

Jonny Lester takes the hill tonight... hopefully the bats will continue to electrify. Lester has fallen victim to power outages often... I mean his ERA leads the rotation yet he only has a 10-7 record to show for HIS efforts.... apparently he needs to pitch lights-outs EVERY game....

Ah Remdawg.... what a joy it is to have you back in the booth.... with all due respECKt to the 2 dozen PLUS "replacements" that tried to fill your shoes.... no one brings it home like Jerry Remy.... TRULY one of the most knowledgeable and gifted analysts in the game today... ALWAYS offering predictions and insight second to none... clearly Remdawg knows the game inside and out.... and i'm NOT just saying that because he follows me on Twitter !!!! OR that we have mutual friends..... I wonder if he ever thought about managing..... NO !!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER SAID THAT, Remdawg.... sit tight, k buddy... and no more trips to the DL !!!! Nuf Ced

As ALWAYS... it's been real..... it's been fun.... and it really has been LOTS of fun !!!.... whew, time flies

-Nuf Ced


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