Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sox Recap - game from August 22nd, 2009

OR..... Deviled (goose)Eggs Anyone ????

In a pitching match-up reminiscent to the "Gunfight at the Blue Jay Corral" from last week, the Beantown Bombers showed the Bronx Bummers who the real sheriff in Boston is.

....was on the hill and when the Dust(in) ... and the rest of our boys.... settled, my statement... "What a difference a day makes" ... from yesterday took on a new meaning

Taz wasn't perfect but there is certainly something to be said for "The Japanese Industrial League" .... and HE made a huge statement yesterday... making the Yankers look like amateurs for 6 innings, giving up 8 hits, 2 walks and striking out 2...

Tazawa pitched out of trouble in almost every inning as the Yanks had plenty of opportunities to tally runs... but stood no chance against THIS crafty little devil.

Mound presence came to mind yesterday watching this kid.... I mean, how many pitchers - let ALONE - ROOKIE pitchers... will throw a 3-2 curveball to the "great" A-Rod with 2 runners on?!?!?! At least one that I know of... and it froze A-Rod in his tracks to snuff ANOTHER rally attempt... pick your jock up, man... you been had... Nuf Ced

The only blemish to our boys was on rookie reliever Daniel Bard... ah, the "joys" of adolescence huh, Danny Boy.... I have something "Proactive" to take care of that !!!!

But, mound presence certainly wasn't part of AJ Burnett's repertoire yesterday... summed up publicly after giving up a ANOTHER big fly.... AJ was demonstrative circling the mound.. uttering... uh, SCREAMING.... "WHY !!! WHY !!!! WHY !!! WHY!!!"... I'll tell ya why, tough guy... CUZ THE RED SOX ROCK !!!!!!!!!! Oh, but thanks for the mound "PRESENTS", dude !!! Nuf Ced

Youk Skywalker led the attack on the Evil Empire, tallying 3 direct HITS, including 2 missiles, a double shot and 6 "kills" (rbi) ....oh and, NICE catch on top of the wall Mrs. "Red Sox Nation member" !!!!.... also gathering 3 hits was "Doubles" Pedroia, with TWO more 2-baggers - he has a legitimate chance to bang out 60 doubles this year... did I just make a prediction ?!?!?!? Perhaps I did.... Nuf Ced

Pounding out 2 hits each were VMart (with a walk and an rbi), PAPI (who also went yard and had 3 rbi) and JBay (also with an rbi).... bringing up the rear with 1 hit each were Casey "at the bat" (and an rbi), JD and Gonzo (went yard)... who said this kid can only play defense?!?!?!?

Although not scoring any direct hits, Cpt Tek and Jacoby certainly contributed to the over-taking of the "empire" yesterday.... the Captain guiding the good ship, SS Tazawa, and Jacoby... ah Jacoby... you continue to remind me of the Kid Nation commercial... while leading 100 bazillion to 1, Ellsbury was STILL laying it all out in center field robbing opposing batters of base hits... if he isn't stealing bags, he's stealing hits..... NUF CED

Series finale tonight... Josh Beckett vs CC DeVille... no, no no.... HE plays guitar for Poison... hmmmm, maybe he can give Remdawg some air-guitar lessons... No, Beckett will face SABATHIA .... who will toss (his) cookies [to our boys].... either way, don't be surprised if you see a bit of chin music.... "and gimme something to believe in, yeah yeah" (uh, POISON !!)

ALSO...... yes yes yes... I will make an OFFICIAL prediction..... if you miss tonight's contest on ESPN... you WILL miss a very historic event in Red Sox history (right Jacoby????)..... Nuf Ced

As always... it's been real..... it's been fun..... and it really has been a lot of fun !!!

-Nuf Ced


therealbobthought said...

man. i love this like being in the bleachers, pass a beer.

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