Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sox Thawts - 1 October, 2009

OR... Tryouts Today

Hmmmmmm. October 2009, huh? NOT !!!! It's.....

That's right boys and girls, the Sox are playing in October for the 6th time in the past 7 years !!

And on this day I can not even think about recapping last night's ugly contest against the Blue Jays... SO.... I WON'T !!! except to say.... Dusty Brown pitched ?!?!?!? uh, he's a catcher, dude... AHHHHHHH!!!!

But let's take a look at last night's line-up....

A line-up in which many of the starters had the night off... but why?

Don't the starters need to stay sharp? Are the Sox content to hobble into the play-offs? Are the Sox "blowing off" the remainder of the regular season now that they are in the play-offs? Do the starters need rest? Does management need to look at other players on the active roster to determine the play-off roster? AH HA !!! By golly, I think you've got it... HUH ????

The majority of the regular season is played with a 25-man roster. On September 1st, teams are allowed to bring up to 15 more players to the major league team from the farm system. The roster for the play-offs needs to be cut back to 25 players.... HMMMMM... see where I'm going?

The Sox current active roster is at 37 players - only 25 can remain active for the play-offs.... SO, perhaps we can consider line-ups like Tito fielded last night as a..... duh duh duh dah.... you got it... a TRY OUT !!!! Although, not all of the 37 currently are available and yet some not on the active roster MAY be available. I grabbed this from The Detroit Tigers Weblog to try to help explain...

According to Rule 40(a), a player must be on his club’s active big league roster or disabled list (or bereavement list, suspended list, or military list) on August 31 in order to be eligible for post-season play.
Playoff Rosters: Playoff rosters must be set at 25, not including players that were on the DL on August 31. For each player on the 60-day DL, teams may add players to the eligible list during the playoffs at the same position, provided that they were in the orginization on August 31… Teams must choose 25 players from their playoff eligible list before each round of the playoffs."

Agreed it's still pretty convoluted, but suffice to say, Tito needs to get a look at some of the younger talent as obviously some of the older players may get bumped... Wake and Tek come to mind. But, also note that the team can re-arrange the roster in between each playoff series but not during a series, unless an injury occurs. So, just because a player doesn't make the roster for the first round, DOESN'T mean he won't get some post-season playing time.

And do NOT think Tito was trying Dusty Brown out for a spot in the rotation... Nuf Ced

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