Friday, October 23, 2009

Heir Jordan

There's been a story floating around for a week or so that continues to escalate, causing ME to have an opinion... so, what else is new...

The controversy centers around Marcus Jordan, son of... YOU GOT IT !!!!.... The GREAT, Michael Jordan. MJJ (MJ Junior) is a freshman at the University of Central Florida and a member of the UCF basketball team. (Apparently being the kin to the greatest basketball player of all time has it draw-backs...)

Ok, no big deal right? So, what's the controversy ?!?!? WELL..... it appears that UCF has an athletic apparel contract with Adidas - including footwear (I hate their sneakers, BTW)... See where this is going ??? Marcus, a chip off the ole block, OBVIOUSLY wants to wear.... any guesses ???? AIR JORDANS.... um... manufactured by Nike, of course... why the hell wouldn't he???

This "refusal" has escalated to the point where it could cost UCF $3 million dollars to restructure the existing contract with Adidas that is currently in it's last year anyway. THAT'S total BS... Is this an Adidas/Nike battle, perhaps??? Yes, I absolutely believe in honoring contracts but this just wreaks of exploitation !!!

Let's take a look at the "brief" history of this situation. During UCF's recruiting process of the young Jordan, the Adidas contract situation came up and Marcus was told BY UCF that it wouldn't be an issue... and assured him that he would still be able to wear the shoes so near and dear to his heart... and to his ability - apparel being one thing, BUT basketball sneakers can make or break a player - and certainly Marcus has always worn Air Jordans.

Although ranked as the 115th best HS player in the nation last year, Marcus wasn't necessarily highly recruited... um, hence not attending daddy's alma mater??? None the less, his "ability" to continue to wear his beloved Air Jordans if committing to attend UCF certainly played a critical role in MJJ's selection process.

Important to note is that during this recruitment, UFC officials notified Adidas of the situation and were told that there "would be a workable solution to a unique situation"... armed with that, UCF assured the young Jordan that he could wear the sneakers of his choice - and the Adidas brand JUST doesn't DO IT for Marcus (GO FIGURE !!!)... apparently what Adidas failed to tell UCF is that the "solution" would cost the university $3 million !!! as NOW Adidas is crying "FOUL" !!!

Also critical to note is that previously during this same 5-year contract, a UCF football kicker was allowed to wear a different brand of shoe due to the fit.... with NO penalty to the university... um, I'm not seeing the difference here... sneakers are the most critical part of a basketball player's uniform - they NEED to fit right too... oh wait, I didn't just fall off a turnip truck !!!!!!!!

The difference is we aren't talking about some non-famous football kicker.. we're talking about the son of MICHAEL JORDAN - a multi-kagiillionAIRe spokesman and businessman!!!! Obviously, Adidas has seen an opportunity to "strengthen" their hold on UCF... and fatten their wallets !!! Perhaps I should research the performance of their stock lately!!!!

Adidas is obviously exploiting the university and in turn, Michael Jordan himself.. [FREAK] THAT !!! ... as certainly $3 million would be a huge hit for the university to have to take to be able to honor their promise to Marcus Jordan... quite a dilemma indeed... AND earlier in the week the "penalty" was reported as being "only" $1.1 million... hmmmmm.

Certainly it goes much deeper than this and the actual details of the contract haven't been disclosed... but, I'm thinking the wording is something to the effect of, "... in the event that wearing the Adidas brand is detrimental to the athlete's performance and the university, UCF athletes will be allowed to wear non-Adidas apparel.... (UNLESS they are the child of a world famous multi-millionaire and Adidas can benefit financially by allowing such situation to take place....)

Here's MY pitch, for what it's worth... [FREAK] Adidas and their [crappy] shoes... perhaps MJ should take the "hit" to get UCF through the current contract with Adidas so that Marcus can continue to wear HIS shoes... BUT, in turn, facilitate a contract between UCF and Nike for doing so... uh..... is THAT exploitation too ?!?!?! Right back at ya Adidas !!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced


Heavenly Muse said...

couldnt get anything frm ur post..
so..wht should i say
oh yes
have nice time

John Silveira said...

Hmmm, not exactly sure what that comment means Muse, but thanks for stopping by !!!

plainolebob said...

John, when these mfgs. have a hold on a conference, and impose the what they wear, is an explotation yhat if the roles were reversed, would be a violation of NCAA rules.

plainolebob said...

john, you in london? watchin the game

plainolebob said...

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