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BsTown Review - 10/18/09


And, oh yes it was... perhaps I should have found it more than ironic that on the same night the Bruins were facing-off against the Phoenix Coyotes (more in a bit)... ABC Family channel was airing one of my favorite movies (for OBVIOUS reasons), Coyote Ugly - AND just a simple "Channel -" click on the remote away to boot - talk about easy surfing.... and they didn't show the movie ONCE, buuuuuut TWICE. Definitely not a good omen, although I had OTHER things on my mind at the time !!! Apparently so did the Bruins....

Stepping back to Friday night's game... the Bruins rolled... uh, SKATED... into the Big "D" (hmmm, BD... NOOOO... NOT DB !!!!) for their first game away from the GAHDEN ice of this young season.

It was a beautiful contest (or lack there of) for a Bruins' fan to watch. The B's "treated" the Dallas crowd of 17,811 in attendance (IMPORTANT note... you'll see) to a 60-minute, end-to-end display of textbook hockey... dominating the Stars in all facets of the game.

When the dust.... or ice-chips... had settled, the scoreboard read...
SWEEEEEEEEET, right !!!! Boston played their BEST over-all performance of the season... winning their 1st road game - and leveling their record at 3-3 - and conjured up thoughts that MAYBE the "experts" hadn't jinxed them...

BUUUUT, oh what a difference a day (or NIGHT) makes - in MORE ways than one - as the Bruins hit the ground running (or the ROAD.... SKATING) and glided over to Phoenix (Glendale?) ... ok, ok, ok.... PHOENIX !?!?!?!?! WTF !?!?!?! Hockey in the desert ???? do they play on a rink of sand and slap scorpions with broomsticks??? (hmmmm, maybe the Bruins could have done better at THAT "game"... IF they had shown up at the rink)

Apparently they were on their way to the " Arena"... but stopped off here for a few.... HOURS, that is....

Ok, ok, ok... I SEE their point !!!!!!!!!

But, (Arena) ???? Has anyone ever heard of that website ??? Limited research shows it to be a job finder service (hmmmmm, perhaps I need to do further research) but wouldn't be the correct spelling??? (just saying.. and I'm a math guy anyway)... I guess it makes no less sense than hockey in the desert.

Speaking of anyway.... although Phoenix leads the Pacific Division this year, apparently their fans had no interest in attending the game - not EVEN for the FREE A/C (thank a Facebook friend for that one) of the arena..

If the reported attendance of 9,162 or so fans is correct... THEN I'M THE SECOND COMING !!!! AND that place seats 100,000 - NOT !!!!! on both counts as I'm certainly no saint and the arena officially seats around 18,000...

SOOOOOO, as a "math guy", I'd say 1,162 in attendance is MUCH more accurate - there were more empty seats than will be at my funeral... uh, hopefully !!!! Cole Wright of NESN summed it up comically on the post-game show.... "Apparently all the Coyotes' fans showed up dressed as red seats for Halloween" (um, all the seats in the arena are red) But come on... the area has a population of 5 million and they can't fill that dump??? Broomsticks and scorpions is looking more appealing everyday !!!!

ANYWAY....... I won't bore you with the LOW-lights... suffice to say the Bruins had other things on their minds (see above - A MUST-see movie... but rent it or buy the DVD... the commercials interfere with the "flow"...).

But our boys came out flat and and were steam-rolled in the second period... SHORTLY after finally "netting" one to make the score 2-1 (ok, STILL a chance to pull it out), the UGLY "climaxed" as the Coyotes "scored" twice within like 45 seconds.... WHEW !!!!!!!!!! Quite a performance !!!!!

So, the Bruins ship their butts back to Bahston to take on the Nashville Predators on Wednesday... HOLY [CRAP]... if Dolly shows up, they're SCREWED... (they wish !!!!)

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced


plainolebob said...

John, when the fans dress-up as empty seats, they should catch the clue, lol.
Who holds the record now for most td's in a 1/4, of football, yep your right.

Chris said...

Great post, Big John! I always rely on you to keep me abreast (Yes, I said "a breast") of the New England sports scene. Hey, make sure you cjeck out my latest blog post and get yourself a Patriots or a B's Twitter background!

John Silveira said...

LOL Chris, I already grabbed the Patriots one

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