Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sox Thawts - 10 October, 2009

Condition Critical

The site I use to build the playlist, apparently doesn't offer this selection. So, I'm embedding the video here for your listening "pleasure", or else it would be the lead-off "hit".... I just feel the title is MORE than appropriate as our boys head home down 0-2 in the ALDS. And it's one of my favorite Quiet Riot tunes - RIP Randy Rhodes and Kevin DuBrow.

The first 2 games of the Sox/Angels ALDS have proven to be uncharacteristic for our boys' potent offense.... apparently, the bats suffered quite a bit of jet lag. They have mustered 8 hits TOTAL in the 2 losses to the Angels at the Big "A".... 4 in each contest... and are batting a dismal .131 as a team.... WTF boys !?!?!?! Ain't gonna win [crap] THAT way !!!

Pitching wins championships continues to rattle around in my skull - at least there's still SOMETHING up there !! Statistically, Boston's staff appeared to have the edge. STATS SHMATS !!! It comes down to who "wants" to perform between the lines !!! Thus far, the Angels' staff is out-pitching the Sox ARMS down. Our boys need to START to execute before they are executed !!!

Game 1 saw Jonny L. square up against the Angels' John Lackey. It WAS a great matchup that was scoreless into the 5th inning... 5 walks, 3 Sox errors and a 3-run bomb by Torii Hunter with 1 out in the 5th and it was the Angels that were in the saddle. Lester's stuff wasn't his best as he struggled with command all night.... and is evident by his walking 4 batters and only striking out 5 over 6 innings. The Angels tacked on 2 more runs in the 8th to win 5-0. The Sox (IM)potent offense was only able to muster 4 hits - all singles (Pedey, JBay, JD and Gonzo) - and 1 base on balls. Advantage: Angels.

Game 2 showcased another great pitching match-up... Sox' 17-game winner Josh Beckett against Angels' 16-game winner Jered Weaver. This contest had a similar start with both aces breezing through the first 3 frames. Our boys struck first in the 4th (FINALLY) as Jacoby led off with a 3-bagger and was singled home by VMart. The Angels MANUFACTURED the tying run in the bottom of the same frame on a hit and run and a sac fly... Beckett's curve-ball was flat all night and even a better than average 2-seamer wasn't enough against the Angels last night as they broke the game open in the 7th.. and sent Josh to the showers.... couple that with AGAIN only able to muster 4 hits, and you have the recipe for defeat - 4-1 Angels... Double Match Point: Angels.

Tomorrow proves to be Clay Buchholz' BIGGEST game of brief major league career... NO PRESSURE BUCHHY BUT ......... the Sox' play-off lives are resting on your right shoulder !!!! The Angels throw Scott Kazmir - historically a Red Sox killah... and the exact reason the Angels picked him up from the Rays during the season.

Hopefully the Sox' bats will make the fight back to Boston - if they made it to Anaheim in the first place. They are getting outplayed by means which I issued concerns about previously. Sunday they need to pull out all the stops. And don't be surprised at ANYTHING they try in order to play another day.

"It Ain't Over Until It's Over" (Kravitz !!!) and our boys have been down 0-2 in the recent past... uh, recall the series with the Yankees in 2004 !!!! So, in the spirit of 2004.......

[FRIGGING] COWBOY UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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