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Sox Thawts - 5 October, 2009

Series Wrap - Red Sox / Indians - 10/01-10/04

It was a "grand" weekend at the Fens. It was the final weekend of the regular season - a season that started way way way back in April. The play-off match-ups are set - well, except for the Tigers and the Twinkies, who felt that 162 games just wasn't enough to decided the Central Division champs !!! GEEEESH !!!! But, our boys have clinched a spot and WILL be facing the Angels starting this Wednesday or Thursday.

Having clinched a play-off berth precipitated Sox ownership to declare this weekend as "Fan Appreciation Weekend". As I posted on Saturday, I was lucky enough to have personally participated in this remarkable experience. Other than that, having clinched a spot made this a meaningless series, right? WOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!! STEP BACK !!!!!!

The regular season is 162 games and each and every one of them is important !!! Get it ?!?!?! Yeah but..... BUT NOTHING !!!! The Sox came into this series having lost 6 in a row.... The play-offs were a week away.... nagging injuries abound... play-off rosters need to be set... starting pitchers were coming off a bad or missed outings... and of less concern, there were milestones to attain... Ok, ok, ok I may have been born during the day, but it wasn't yesterDAY (all our troubles seemed so far away... sorry) !!!!!! Nuf Ced

I GET IT !!!! This series was important on many levels....

10/01/09 - Sox 3 - Indians 0... Is that a goose-egg I see? YUP !!! The series opener saw John Lester try to bounce back from an outing in the Bronx where he was hit hard (LITERALLY!!) and went only 2.1 innings... and also try to snap the 6-game skid. On Thursday, Jonny L. laid to rest any and all concerns as to whether or not that liner off the leg would have any lingering effects. Lester went 6.1 innings of shutout ball giving up only 2 hits and punching out 7. Hmmmm, sounds like he's ready to me. AND, the bullpen pitched 2.2 innings of 1-hit ball, with Paps picking up save #38. The 12-hit attack was led by Jacoby (and steal # 68 - 2 more !!!) with 3 hits while VMart, JBay (and RBI #116) and Gonzo (including a walk) had 2 each. Papi (and RBI #97 !!!), Youkah (and RBI #92 on a sac fly) chipped in with a safety each. Pedey "chipped" in with 2 walks. Losing streak snapped !!!! Nuf Ced

10/02/09 - Sox 6 - Indians 2... Friday saw Dice-K take the hill in an effort to make the post-season rotation. I certainly would have had ANOTHER choice to view personally... if it were up to me. Although pitching surprisingly well since his "triumphant" return, he's kinda like watching paint dry - HURRY UP !!! Anyway, Dice-K pitched..... well, decent. Although his "line" of 6 innings, 2 runs on 5 hits and 7 punch-outs "looks" good on paper, Dice-K "loves" to be in constant trouble while he's pitching. What's in a box score ?!?!?! The relief corps pitched 3 innings of shutout ball, giving up 3 hits. The offense banged out 8 hits - 4 of which were doubles. They were certainly aided by 3 Cleveland miscues and 5 BB (walks). Leading the "charge" were VMart (plus a walk and RBI #104) and JBay (double and RBI #117), with 2 hits each. Jacoby (plus 2 walks and stolen base # 69 !!!! (uhhhh. NO comment), Youkah (double, walk and 2 RBI = 94), Cpt Tek (double) and Mikey Lowell (plus a walk) collected a hit a each. Pedey had a sac fly, a walk and collected RBI # 69 - UH, seems to be a popular number. Nuf Ced

10/03/09 - Sox 11 - Indians 6... Saturday saw some of the regulars get some rest and some of the supporting cast get an opportunity to see some playing time (and "try out" for the post-season roster). It also saw Josh Beckett try to put his back spasms behind him (personal joke!!) Beckett wasn't his best, going 5 innings, giving up 4 runs on 7 hits, walking 3 and punching out 5 - AHHHHH, failing to reach the magic 200 for the first time in his career. It's ok big guy, 17 wins isn't to shabby, BUT NO SONG YET !!!! It takes a "special" outing to have a song written about you !!! Anyway, Byrdman worked out of the 'pen... HMMMMM, any ideas why??? Can you say TRY OUT ?!?!?!? Unfortunately it looks like Byrdy may be joining his son's "fall ball" team, going 3 frames and giving up 2 runs.. Oh well Paulie, thanks for the visit - go retire and we'll get back to you next August !!!! The bats were alive, blasting 11 hits including 4 big flies... Brian Anderson... uh, WHO ?!?!? led the way with 3 hits and a walk - going yard and having 3 RBI... and just may have "inked" his name on the post-season roster - especially with Rocco ailing. Casey Kotchman had 2 hits - CRITICAL !!! (Vmart catching in the play-offs and Casey at 1st ???). Pedey (RBI # 70) went yard to start the fireworks in the first inning and had THREE walks. VMart (4 RBI = 108) highlighted a 7-run second inning in GRAND fashion - belting his first career grand salami !!! Even 4th-string(???) catcher, Dusty Brown, joined in the festivities, hammering his first Major League homah in the 8th. JBay (RBI # 118), Youkah and Papi (double) rounded out the attack.

10/04/09 - Sox 12 - Indians 7... Sunday brought about the series, AND SEASON finale - and more try outs. "MY" young gun, Clay Buchholz, was on the mound. I actually had a brief conversation with Buchhy when I met him on Friday - like he cares !!!!! Buchhy was coming off one of his worst outings this season and needed to sharpen up before the play-offs. Well, THAT didn't happen now did it??? Clay was "high" (uh, you know what I mean) all afternoon and was only able to "hurl" 3 innings, giving up 6 runs on 5 hits (but DID strike out 6). WTF Buchhy ?!?! Has Farrell been "working" with you too ?!?!?!? I swear, I WILL.... Relief duty was handled by a cast of 5 (try outs???) - combining for 6 innings of 1 run 3-hit ball.. The offensive explosion from Saturday continued through Sunday, blasting 11 hits and FIVE round-trippers !!! Sunday's attack was led by JD who went yard twice !! giving him 24 HR and 68 RBI for the campaign - his best production since joining the club. George "Kat" Kottaras also had 2 hits - THIS is critical too (uh, back-up backstop???)!!! With a hit each were Gonzo (HR - STILL waiting for this kid to learn to hit ??), Pedey (uh, HR !!!), Papi (plus 2 RBI = 99 - grrrrr!!!!), Youkah, Joey Gathright and Jacoby - who also nabbed bag # 70 - YES, 1 prediction panned out for me !!! "BEAVIS" (Jed Lowrie) capped the scoring in GRAND fashion !! Yup, first career grand slam !!!! Hmmmm, took VMart 10 years to get his !!! The catching crew of VMart, Cpt Tek and Dusty Brown added 3 walks. Kudos to Tito for taking Tek out of the game and giving the Fenway Faithful the opportunity to salute the captain - not sure we'll see him again. Nuf Ced

So, this weekend series proved to be very important.... the losing streak was snapped and our boys enter the play-offs on a very positive note. SOME roster questions have been answered - at least for me, BUT..... if my opinion mattered, I'd be in Boston today, NOT here in CT typing this blog !!! Nuf Ced

Now, the "important" stuff. If you haven't noticed, the music playlist on this blog has grown leaps and bounds. Ok, so I got a bit crazy yesterday !?!?!?! Anyway, I have had several "requests" to have a particular song in the Lead-off spot.
Tell ya what I'm gonna do.... I am going to leave it up to anyone that cares !!!! Although I have yet to find a "blog poll" where a reader can type in a choice, my quest will continue if need be. And, I'm also pondering a trivia question of the day to determine the "winner" of the Lead-off HITter choice.
BUT, in the meantime, I have chosen today's... "3 little birds"... for the Sox 1-2-3 punch of Lester, Beckett and Buchholz.... and the Sox are in the play-offs so... "Don't worry... about a thing..." well, and I love Bob Marley !!!!!!!!!
So, for time being, if you'd like to choose tomorrow's lead-off hit, drop your choice in the "comments" section... BUT, here's the catch !!!! The winner will be the one who BEST relates their song choice to New England sports (note: I'm in a baseball mode right now !! and I LOVE creativity !!!) whether it be by the title or lyrics... NO, New York is NOT part of NE !!!.... and remember, I am the judge, jury and executioner here.... worst case is I'll toss the choices into my 2004 World Series Championship hat and pick the winner... NUF CED

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced


Chris Mollo said...

I'm psyched. for some reason, I have a feeling our boys are going to go all the way this year. Wait, I'm a Sox fan - I have that feeling EVERY year! Seriously, this shouldn't be a problem. The spectacular Sox have dispatched the asinine Angels plenty of times with ease!

Anonymous said...

I dont want to lose
out here in the field
waiting for my luck to change
I just want my Dad to know
that I made it to the 'show'

everybody pitches high
everybody pitches low
if i strike out i might
get sold sold sold...

That's one vote for Van Nuys!!!

plainolebob said...

Me and Bess are pullin for you and the Sox all the way.
go git em.

Anonymous said...

I can see paradise by the "GREEN MONSTER"!!!

#88 Please!


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