Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ultimate F[reaking] Catastrophe


Ok, this needs to be said.... Wait, let me rephrase that... I NEED TO SAY THIS !!!!

Last night's Ultimate Fighter preliminary match was unquestionably the WORST fight EVER in the Ultimate Fighter, UFC and MMA as a whole !!! It was total bull[crap].... and not because Kimbo Slice lost, but the way he lost...

Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Furgeson, the menacing looking, backyard brawling internet legend with almost NO MMA training was paired (THAT's an understatement !!) off against Roy "Big Country" Nelson, an experienced MMA combatant and former IFL title-holder. And boy does that nickname suit him. His BIG FAT Burger Belly hides his "Johnson" !!!!

The match was a farcical charade of blubberdom - true I was rooting for Kimbo but Big Country didn't want anything to do with fighting. All he wanted to do (and did) is smother Slice by laying that "menacing" belly right on Kimbo's face.

I'd be willing to bet that not a total of 10 punches was landed in the entire match. About 3 or 4 minutes into the 1st 5-minute round, Nelson took Kimbo down, laid that blubber across Kimbo's face, held one arm and pinned the other arm with his knee - a move known as an Iron Cross. Then all he did was LITERALLY pat Kimbo's head repeatedly. [Freaking] Slice couldn't move with that 264 lbs of blubber laying across his upper body and luckily got saved by the bell.

Ok, whew... made it through the round. Round 2 opened with Kimbo actually landing a couple of punches and seemed to stun Big Country.... Big Country's defense??? YOU GUESSED IT !!! That tub of lard got Kimbo down, put him in the same Iron Cross and again PATTED Slice on the head repeatedly. The match was called on a TKO win for Nelson... Kimbo couldn't budge this fat [butt] off his face... and based on an MMA rule couldn't intelligently defend himself. COULD YOU ???

To top it off..... Big Country proceeded to ask UFC President Dana White for a Double Whopper with Cheese.... WHAT A DB !!!!!!!!! This guy is a disgrace to the "sport" of fighting and should be ashamed of himself... Actually Dana White should be ashamed of himself, too.

This contest was highly tauted for weeks as the biggest fight ever on the Ultimate Fighter - by White himself !!! Even the other contestants were filmed talking to each saying that this fight SHOULD be the main event on a Pay Per View...

What a shame that Dana White is even considering letting Blubber Boy fight in the pinnacle of MMA fighting - HIS UFC. It's also a shame that Nelson's belly came between Kimbo Slice and his chance to move on in the competition... and his chance to breathe !!!!

To Kimbo's credit, he was a much more gracious loser than Nelson was a winner, humble in his admittance that he needs more MMA training. And to tell you the truth, I had a lot more respect for him even before that disgraceful match. The program showed the real Kimbo Slice...uh, the gentle giant, very philosophical in learning things about himself just by being given the time to reflect.

So, this gentle giant is out of the Ultimate Fighter competition..... OR IS HE !!!!

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