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Sox Thawts - 30 September, 2009

California Here We Come !!!
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Well, as predicted, the Sox have single-handedly (is that a word?) won the AL wild card and secured a spot in the play-offs !!! Well, that's not entirely true. Some of you may have noticed that I may be a TAD critical on my blog... NAH !!!!!!!!!!! REALLY ?!?!?!?! It isn't that I'm fickle, it's more the mentality that was bred into me as a member of this Nation as I shared previously... NEVER get too high or too low... REMEMBER THE ROLLER COASTER!!! Today proves to be no different. Ok, and it's fun !!!!

YES, the Red Sox have reached the post-season! YES, they will square-off against the Angels in the ALDS (American League Divisional Series)! YES, they have handily beaten the Angels in play-offs past! YES, the Nation is a happy place to be today!

Congratulations to our Boston Red Sox !!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! WILD- CARD CHAMPIONS !!!!

Also.... YES, the Red Sox have a lot of work to do. Don't get me wrong, I am as happy as any member of the Nation - The Red Sox will play in October for the 6th time in the last 7 seasons... and I certainly hope their season extends into November. But, I am NOT without concern today.

Let's look at the past 5 games. The Sox entered a weekend series against the Yankees in the Bronx with the wild card magic number sitting at 3 and having closed the Yankees lead in the division to 5-1/2 games. They left the Bronx having only gained 1 game in the wild card race and 8-1/2 games out of the division AND watched the Yankers celebrate a Division Title...

So, why didn't our boys leave the Empire having already clinched a play-off berth?!?!?! Give up ???? THEY GOT SWEPT !!! They got swept in a series that very well could have been a preview in the ALCS. AHHHHHHHHH, perhaps they were waiting to clinch at home in front of the Fenway Faithful.... Apparently NOT !!!! Nuf Ced

The Sox returned to the friendly confines of the Fens on Monday for a 3-game series against the Blue Jays. With one of the top home records in all of baseball and the Blue Jays a bazillion games out of the race, Monday could have been the night (if we won and Texas lost)!!!! Cuda, shuda, wuda !!!

Oh, Texas lost alright... BUT......... our Bombers were man-handled by said Blue Jays in that rain-shortened contest. Ok, not a big deal. Magic number down to 1... game 2 has Buchhy on the bump... the Sox are sure to win - AND get to celebrate with the entire Nation, right??? Best laid plans... Nuf Ced

Let's briefly recap last night contest... ah Clay... the only silver lining in Clay's outing last night is that he was due for a bad game... and better last night than next week !!! Clay, I still love you man !!!!

The Jays jumped on Buchhy early and often, scoring 4 runs in the top of the 1st inning !!! AND, continued as they tacked on single runs in the 2nd, 3rd and 5th, driving (literally !!!) Clay from the contest having given up 7 run on 8 hits - 5 hits being of the HOME RUN version !!! Nuf Ced

In the meantime, the bats were "trying" to keep it close with single tallies in the 1st and 2nd... and I was TRYING to will some sort of late-inning heroics. They did bang out 14 hits... JD led the way with 3 - including a 3-run bomb... Pedey had 3 hits - including his 48th double (2 more "big" guy!!!)... Jacoby had 2 hits and a stolen base (3 more "Lefty") and Papi had 2 hits - including RBI #96 (4 more BIG guy) - and was 3 feet short of tying the game in the 8th !!!!!

The relief crew of RamRam, Saito, Wagner and Paps was more than steller with the only blemish being a home run off Takashi (THE NERD - uh, the movie ???) Saito in the 7th inning. Enter the 8th !!!!

The Sox half of last night's 8th inning is a blog post unto itself !!!! But I need to be brief (my fingers AND BRAIN are already getting tired !!!) As the Sox 'pen was stellar, the Jays 'pen belonged in the cellar - getting battered around by our boys to the tune of 5 runs in that one inning. The capper was a 3-run bomb by JD !!!!! And just a few more feet on a shot by Papi and and and....

OK, OK, OK... Paps shuts down the Jays in the 9th !!!! "WE" CAN DO THIS !!!! Jays lead 8-7... The crowd was on it's feet the entire 9th inning for our boys - I so wish I was there !!! They gave it the ole college try putting the winning run on first base...... BUT...... Mighty Youkah has struck out !!!! LOOKING !!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

I am CONCERNED !!! Am I being cynical ??? I'd like to believe I'm being a realist. At one of the most critical times of the long season, the Red Sox have lost 5 straight games - AND had to rely on the Angels beating the Rangers to clinch a play-off spot... HOW IRONIC !!!! (uh, the Angels will be their first opponent)

PITCHING WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS !!!! The LRR combination of Jonny L., Beckett and Buchhy are limping (LITERALLY) the team into the post-season....

Lester was getting shelled by the Yankers - AGAIN, literally - before taking that liner off the leg. Although reports are that he is physically fine, what will his mental condition reveal... YOU think about getting back out there, 60'6" from home plate having bullets rifled at you at 150 mph !!! Although.... this kid survived cancer.... Nuf Ced

Josh Beckett got scratched from his Monday start due to back spasms... OHHHHH, THAT'S not good !!! Just ask Tim Wakefield - OR MYSELF !!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

Clay Buccholz got BOMBED last night !!!! You know what I mean !!!!... giving up 7 runs in 5 innings does not a play-off winner make !!! Lets just hope he was having an off day - AND that John Farrell hasn't been [messing] up HIS mechanics too !!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

Wake goes tonight still battling back issues (was THAT a pun ???)... Byrd is Byrd... and Dice-K.... well, surprise, surprise... Dice-K has been more than sufficient... GO FIGURE !!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! ALRIGHT !!!!!!!!!! Screw all that. Tito has one of the best post-season records in baseball !!!! Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!

They've limped into the play-offs before... October is a brand new season... a season in which the Red Sox step up to the plate and bring their "A" game.... SEE YA IN NOVEMBER !!!!!!!!! NUF CED

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced


Chris Mollo said...

Last night I think McGreevy visited me in my dreams. He was jumping up and down and screaming "Tessie"! Then he pointed at me and said with a wry smile, "Ya know they'll make it this year, JC himself has joined the Royal Rooters! Nuf Ced, arggghhh!" And then I woke up to pee.

Chris Mollo said...

Hey John? Have I ever told you that I love your play list? I think we have the same taste in music. This is an awesome blog man. It's the only thing that makes feel at home sometimes. I really hate Arizona. I'm an east coast boy at heart and I always will be, I guess. I just want to be close to our boys right now. They need me and I need them! Go Nation! And the Dk Murphys rule!- Nuf Ced.

plainolebob said...

I think Chris covered most the bases.

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