Thursday, September 10, 2009

Derek Sanderson Jeter

No I haven't flipped my lid !!! No I haven't defected to the EVIL side !!! I am still a staunch member of our beloved Nation !!! BUT, I am also a true sports fan.

And as such, I felt the urge to write a little post about Derek Jeter as he is on the brink of a pretty amazing milestone. That doesn't mean that I "hate" him any less.. Well actually, hate is a very strong word and probably not really accurate (although don't tell my Yankee fan friends).

In this case, the emotion "hate" can be more accurately described as respect. Yes, I respect Derek Jeter - A LOT !!!!! Bucky Dent, on the other hand....

So, for my first post today, I tip my Red Sox 2004 WORLD SERIES cap to Derek Sanderson Jeter.... why?

First off, he got 3 hits yesterday, at a time when the base hits just haven't been falling for him... as he approached a milestone in his illustrious Yankee career.... SO WHAT ?!?!?! you ask....

SOOOOOOOOO... with his 3rd hit yesterday Jeter tied a Yankee record that has stood for 70 years or so... as he collected his Yankee career hit #2,721 in just his 15th season and 2,119 games... you can do the math... not too shabby.... and on Friday he aims to break that record... and inevitably will shatter it as he is only 35.

The record was set by the "Iron Horse" himself... Hall of Famer and Yankee icon... member of MLBs All Century Team... and author of 2,130 consecutive games played....Lou Gehrig... who took some 17 seasons and 2,164 games to set the mark... and has stood since 1939....

As I posted on a Facebook friend's wall.... "Congrats to a future Hall of Famer.... Jeter deserves props... even from a member of Red Sox Nation... I am more-so a fan of baseball and Jeter's accomplishment is definitely a tribute to his hard work, dedication and longevity... I stand and applaud on this special achievement"

Sentiments truly felt and expressed... Consider how many players have donned the pinstripes over the last 70 years.... very remarkable that only Derek Jeter has been able to play long enough to reach this pinnacle in Yankee history.

Congratulations Mr. Jeter - see ya in the play-offs !!!!!!!!!

-Nuf Ced


Chris Mollo said...

Even though I think Derek Jeter is an arrogant bastard and I can't stand him either, he is probably the best shortstop to play the game in the last 30 years. It's good to recognize his milestone, even if he is a member of the "hated team"!

plainolebob said...

you are def. spot on, ther are many teams i am not fond of, but you can not deny talent and achievements, both here.
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