Saturday, September 19, 2009

John Henry Blasts Boston Media !!!!

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For those of you that don't know, Red Sox (and Fenway and NESN) Principal Owner, John Henry, has started blogging... weeeee hooooo, I'm in good company !!!! This very unprecedented move is the type of ownership that Red Sox Nation enjoys.... owners for the people.

Anyway, while watching last night's game at "Fenway South", uh, Baltimore, NESN reported a snippet that Mr. Henry had posted an article on his blog "Blasting the Boston media"... or at least that's how I took it.... actually it was more like "John Henry [demands] that the Boston media apologize to David Ortiz".... obviously a subject near and dear to his heart as he posted it at 7:47 last night - DURING THE RED SOX GAME !!!!

At a time when a baseball owner is watching his team battle for a spot in the post-season, THIS owner is blogging about the respect that David Ortiz DESERVES!!!! I, of course, immediately grabbed my Blackberry and logged on to to try to see exactly what was going on - what John Henry's post was about.

Much to my excitement, I was able to determine that the post referred to all the BULL[CRAP] that the media put Big Papi through at the beginning of August over Papi's name being included on "The List"... KUDOS TO MR. HENRY !!!!

My immediate reaction, of course, was, "I need to blog THIS !!!"... recalling that I had posted a similar, although MUCH more emotional, post back in August.

My thoughts ranted to self-promotional titles for this post like "Great John's Think Alike" but have since subsided... although, if I don't promote me, WHO WILL !?!?!?!

Nope, no self-promo from this "kid" today... this post isn't about me... it's about John Henry, David Ortiz and the "top-notch" Boston media..

HUGE kudos to John Henry.... first for having the "testicular fortitude" to enter the blogosphere and share insights with the Nation that no one else could/would.

SECOND.... kudos to Mr. Henry for recognizing the fact that Big Papi was treated 100% unfairly. The media that put him on a pedestal over the last several seasons, COLLECTIVELY crumbled that very pedestal in a time when Papi and the Nation needed their support most....

Back-stabbers and "Benedicts" came to my mind through this whole ordeal. True, they say that Boston is one of, if not THE, toughest towns to be an athlete in... BUT, my assumption was always that those who said this were alluding to the fact that the fans are so passionate... NOT, because the media turns their back on you (well ok, I knew the media was tough too)... making you out to be a criminal when you've done NOTHING illegal...

But "tough" is a gross understatement of how the hero of a Nation was treated by our "beloved" Boston media... the same hero that has kept them employed, bringing them records and championships to report about... some appreciation, huh???

Massaroti, Shaughnessy etc etc etc - each and every one of them ripped Papi before during and after the press conference in which he flat out said he never bought or did steroids.... Nuf Ced right ?!?!?! WRONG !!!!!!!!!! That statement just made them all flat out call Papi a liar !!!! ....

All of them EXCEPT..... Nick Cafardo !!! Hats off to Nick Cafardo !!! as his statement after the Papi conference was "If David Ortiz says he didn't do it, he didn't do it!!!" SOMEONE with a brain !!!!!!!!!

Perhaps NOW the media will look in a mirror and see themselves for what they really are.... and remember that when you point a finger at someone, 3 fingers are pointing at you !!!!

The BOSS has spoken.. and I thank John Henry for doing so !!!! Although I highly doubt that anyone in the media will apologize... their "creed" being... NEVER RECANT, fearing that it undermines a reporter's "credibility".... hmmmm, never recant huh, remember that John Henry owns your [butt], anyone at NESN !!!!!!!!

Personally, I found it INcredible that they messed with Papi (and the Nation) in the manner that they did !!! .... and think that it would add to their credibility and their persona to just "fess up"... although, it shouldn't have taken Mr. Henry's blog to make this happen - if it happens at all.....

-Nuf Ced


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you among all people, have to be admired for you stand, self promotion aside, you have a fair and personal side that is reflected in your writing.
Now about the pats losing............

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