Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GOOD Ole Bob


I apologize for being MIA lately.... working security for TWO U2 concerts kinda messed up my "schedule"... stay TUNEd for more on U2....

Well, well, well.... where to start.... HERE !!! - hit this link if you're looking for an extremely funny and entertaining blog. "plainolebob" (Bob Byford) is a blogger buddy from Louisianna and his very popular blog, "just kickin it around", is absolutely hysterical - and anything BUT plain.

Funny as hell and written in a southern "redneck" (no disrespect) manner, reading Bob's words has me in stitches EVERYTIME !!! .. totally reminding me of my Beverly Hillbillies watching days... And I'll be "shipped in dip" if I don't mentally slip into the best pseudo-southern drawl this damn... uh, yankee... can muster...

MR Bob stumbled upon "Pahdon" in it's infancy and has been a regular follower and participant.... stating that I "Have brought baseball back into his life"... No worries mate, you've brought extreme entertainment into mine !!!!

Yesterday, I received an email from Bob to stop in for a visit - he "had something for me". So, OF COURSE I hit his site to find out what was up... To my SURPRISE, I found out that GOODolebob has presented awards to fellow bloggers, with Pahdon being one of them, amongst several other actually great sites !!!

Whereas I "try" (although, often can't resist !!!) not to be self-promotional, Bob has taken it upon himself to promote some of his favorites, solidifying the bond he has with these friends - as doing such is held in high regard by the blogosphere... on many levels.

So Mr. Bob, I thank you VERY much. I truly am honored for your kind words and the award you have bestowed upon me - VERY honored coming from a fellow blogger that himself possesses a top quality site. And as I commented on your blog... "I can only hope you enjoy mine as much as I enjoy yours" - Nuf Ced

So, I invite EVERYONE to stop by Bob's place for a bit of southern hospitality - you'll be glad you did... I WAS !!!!!!!!!! And when you do, tell him Nuf Ced sent you !!!!!


plainolebob said...

Wow John,
I have just been over whelmed by everything, and thanks so much. I love the "nuff Ced", kida sez ti all, ya hear.

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