Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sox Thawts - 30 September, 2009

California Here We Come !!!
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Well, as predicted, the Sox have single-handedly (is that a word?) won the AL wild card and secured a spot in the play-offs !!! Well, that's not entirely true. Some of you may have noticed that I may be a TAD critical on my blog... NAH !!!!!!!!!!! REALLY ?!?!?!?! It isn't that I'm fickle, it's more the mentality that was bred into me as a member of this Nation as I shared previously... NEVER get too high or too low... REMEMBER THE ROLLER COASTER!!! Today proves to be no different. Ok, and it's fun !!!!

YES, the Red Sox have reached the post-season! YES, they will square-off against the Angels in the ALDS (American League Divisional Series)! YES, they have handily beaten the Angels in play-offs past! YES, the Nation is a happy place to be today!

Congratulations to our Boston Red Sox !!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! WILD- CARD CHAMPIONS !!!!

Also.... YES, the Red Sox have a lot of work to do. Don't get me wrong, I am as happy as any member of the Nation - The Red Sox will play in October for the 6th time in the last 7 seasons... and I certainly hope their season extends into November. But, I am NOT without concern today.

Let's look at the past 5 games. The Sox entered a weekend series against the Yankees in the Bronx with the wild card magic number sitting at 3 and having closed the Yankees lead in the division to 5-1/2 games. They left the Bronx having only gained 1 game in the wild card race and 8-1/2 games out of the division AND watched the Yankers celebrate a Division Title...

So, why didn't our boys leave the Empire having already clinched a play-off berth?!?!?! Give up ???? THEY GOT SWEPT !!! They got swept in a series that very well could have been a preview in the ALCS. AHHHHHHHHH, perhaps they were waiting to clinch at home in front of the Fenway Faithful.... Apparently NOT !!!! Nuf Ced

The Sox returned to the friendly confines of the Fens on Monday for a 3-game series against the Blue Jays. With one of the top home records in all of baseball and the Blue Jays a bazillion games out of the race, Monday could have been the night (if we won and Texas lost)!!!! Cuda, shuda, wuda !!!

Oh, Texas lost alright... BUT......... our Bombers were man-handled by said Blue Jays in that rain-shortened contest. Ok, not a big deal. Magic number down to 1... game 2 has Buchhy on the bump... the Sox are sure to win - AND get to celebrate with the entire Nation, right??? Best laid plans... Nuf Ced

Let's briefly recap last night contest... ah Clay... the only silver lining in Clay's outing last night is that he was due for a bad game... and better last night than next week !!! Clay, I still love you man !!!!

The Jays jumped on Buchhy early and often, scoring 4 runs in the top of the 1st inning !!! AND, continued as they tacked on single runs in the 2nd, 3rd and 5th, driving (literally !!!) Clay from the contest having given up 7 run on 8 hits - 5 hits being of the HOME RUN version !!! Nuf Ced

In the meantime, the bats were "trying" to keep it close with single tallies in the 1st and 2nd... and I was TRYING to will some sort of late-inning heroics. They did bang out 14 hits... JD led the way with 3 - including a 3-run bomb... Pedey had 3 hits - including his 48th double (2 more "big" guy!!!)... Jacoby had 2 hits and a stolen base (3 more "Lefty") and Papi had 2 hits - including RBI #96 (4 more BIG guy) - and was 3 feet short of tying the game in the 8th !!!!!

The relief crew of RamRam, Saito, Wagner and Paps was more than steller with the only blemish being a home run off Takashi (THE NERD - uh, the movie ???) Saito in the 7th inning. Enter the 8th !!!!

The Sox half of last night's 8th inning is a blog post unto itself !!!! But I need to be brief (my fingers AND BRAIN are already getting tired !!!) As the Sox 'pen was stellar, the Jays 'pen belonged in the cellar - getting battered around by our boys to the tune of 5 runs in that one inning. The capper was a 3-run bomb by JD !!!!! And just a few more feet on a shot by Papi and and and....

OK, OK, OK... Paps shuts down the Jays in the 9th !!!! "WE" CAN DO THIS !!!! Jays lead 8-7... The crowd was on it's feet the entire 9th inning for our boys - I so wish I was there !!! They gave it the ole college try putting the winning run on first base...... BUT...... Mighty Youkah has struck out !!!! LOOKING !!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

I am CONCERNED !!! Am I being cynical ??? I'd like to believe I'm being a realist. At one of the most critical times of the long season, the Red Sox have lost 5 straight games - AND had to rely on the Angels beating the Rangers to clinch a play-off spot... HOW IRONIC !!!! (uh, the Angels will be their first opponent)

PITCHING WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS !!!! The LRR combination of Jonny L., Beckett and Buchhy are limping (LITERALLY) the team into the post-season....

Lester was getting shelled by the Yankers - AGAIN, literally - before taking that liner off the leg. Although reports are that he is physically fine, what will his mental condition reveal... YOU think about getting back out there, 60'6" from home plate having bullets rifled at you at 150 mph !!! Although.... this kid survived cancer.... Nuf Ced

Josh Beckett got scratched from his Monday start due to back spasms... OHHHHH, THAT'S not good !!! Just ask Tim Wakefield - OR MYSELF !!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

Clay Buccholz got BOMBED last night !!!! You know what I mean !!!!... giving up 7 runs in 5 innings does not a play-off winner make !!! Lets just hope he was having an off day - AND that John Farrell hasn't been [messing] up HIS mechanics too !!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

Wake goes tonight still battling back issues (was THAT a pun ???)... Byrd is Byrd... and Dice-K.... well, surprise, surprise... Dice-K has been more than sufficient... GO FIGURE !!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! ALRIGHT !!!!!!!!!! Screw all that. Tito has one of the best post-season records in baseball !!!! Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!

They've limped into the play-offs before... October is a brand new season... a season in which the Red Sox step up to the plate and bring their "A" game.... SEE YA IN NOVEMBER !!!!!!!!! NUF CED

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GOOD Ole Bob - Part 2

Well Well Well... MR Bob is at it again... Not THIS Bob....

But THIS Bob...

MR Bob has endowed... UH, BESTOWED yet another honor upon me in issuing... Pahdon My Opinion

Pretty much at a loss for words at this second honor in less than a week, I ask you to read my "acceptance" speech from the first award and hit Bob up here to see the other blogs that he has honored with this and other awards.... AND, if Bob finds these blogs worthy, then you might just want to visit some of them too. I mean heck, ANYONE with the Insane Clown Posse for a profile picture is ACES in my book !!!!! I owe you Mr Bob - AGAIN !!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced
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More Than Sports

Reckless Randomness

You may or may not have noticed that I changed the description above... you know, right below the title... uh, see it up there??? "Dribs and drabs..." Got it? Good !!!... well, now that line ends with "reckless and random"... I know not everyone out there is a Sox fan.... "Sad But True" - Metallica !!!!... so, let's see if I can live up to that self-promo...

I'll start with a brief Sox Thawts entry... but trust me... this post promises to digress RAPIDLY...
Apparently I have jinxed our boys by assuring everyone that they will be competing in the post season... and even alluded to them making it to the "Fall Classic"... MY BAD !!!!!! "I take all that back !!!! I swear !!!! It Wasn't Me !!!" (Shaggy !!! - NO not THAT Shaggy!!) but, maybe a Scooby Snack will do the "trick" !!!!
The Sox' sweep in the Bronx took a "360".... actually, I guess that would be a "180".... but either way, it left me wondering whether our boys actually DO want to play next week or not. Couple that with the fact that they returned home to get annihilated by the .. uh, [FREAKING] Blue Jays, last night and ..... Tito's post-game comment was a classic , "Our bat's were just starting to heat up [when the rain caused the umps to call the game]"... PAHDON MOI ?!?!?! You're right... it had NOTHING to do with the score being 100 bazillion to nothing (ok, 11-3) after 5 innings, RIGHT TITO !?!?!?
I can't (uh ok, I WON'T) blame the fact that Josh Beckett was scratched from the start due to back spasms as I've been personally experiencing a pain in the arse lately (uh, sciatica anyone???) but c'mon !!!!!!!!! In the TRUE spirit of the Nation, do you REALLY want to limp into the play-offs !?!?!

Speaking of limp.... this entry was going to come later but... AND THE DIGRESSION BEGINS !!!
So, the TV was on "Spike" - I think - the other late night/early morning... you know, the INFOMERCIAL time slot... and speaking of, an infomercial comes on for "Extenz - natural male enhancement for that 'certain' part of the male body"... yeah yeah yeah, we all know what it does (uh, NOT by personal experience !!!) - you all know "Smiling Bob" from the Enzyte commercials right?!?!?!
Anyway, too lazy to find the remote and hotties galore on the commercial, I just left it on... much to my "surprise", it wasn't just a commercial for Extenz but for Extenz for Women... a female version... WOE WOE WOE... WTF !?!?!? If Extenz makes that certain part of a male larger, does Extenz for Women make HER corresponding part larger ???? WHAT !?!?!? At 3 am or so, THAT concept is just way too difficult to comprehend... Well, I guess if you think about it, if he's bigger.... BUT to the guys that are on the commercial... a little more focus on the "models" just may offer a bit of FREE natural male enhancement !!! Know what I mean ?!?!?!?

Ah Yes... SPIKE-TV... heh heh heh... Admittedly a favorite network of mine - currently second to NESN. Self-promoted as "Guy's Television"... I love this network ... Along with ALMOST being the exclusive network of Ultimate Fighting (UFC), you can also see shows like:

"1,000 Ways To Die" ... this show reveals the stupidity of the human race - and re-enacts actual ways people have died... like the sword-swallower that swallowed an umbrella and it OPENED in his throat.... or the tree worker that stuck his foot in a wood-chipper to free a branch... and they do it all in a sarcastic way... so you KNOW I'm hooked !!!!!!

"Disorderly Conduct"... similarly sarcastic... this show airs ACTUAL footage taken from police dashboard cams... and also focuses on how stupid a LOT of "criminals" are... like the guy they busted for DUI... uh, "vehicle" of choice was a horse... I guess that would actually be "Riding Under The Influence" !!!!!!!!! RUI ????

"MANswers"... ok, this one is funny AND sometimes "sick"... and I have NO idea where they come up with the questions that they feel they need to MANswer... I mean, I personally have never pondered what animal's reproductive anatomy most resembles that of a human woman's... uh, EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW !!! someone gets paid for that ?!?!? But, I DID really "need" to know that a human can live on nothing but beer for 45 days... so wait, did they actually have someone die in testing this theory ??? I think I KNOW a future segment on "1,000 Ways To Die" !!!!

"Girls Gone Wild"... ok, I honestly don't get the point of this "show"... it seems more like an infomercial for their DVD "collection", although they claim to be searching for the hottest girl in America... the girls seem to enjoy personal-degradation to be "chosen", but they're "adults" and I'm a guy, so you won't get an argument from me ?!?!?!?... I wonder if the producers need help in their quest.....

Ha, but enough about Spike.... BLUnderdog !!! my personal version of the cartoon hero... my Beagle, Snoopy... or POOPY as I'm about to rename him !!!!!! I love him to death but where the [freak] he came up with this new routine, I will NEVER know...
Here's the scenario from today.... wake up.... go outside to go potty... come in side.... wait until John goes on his computer... TAKE A DUMP IN THE LIVING ROOM... go whine to John so he'll let me outside....
WOOOOOOOEEEEEE !?!?! WTF DOG !??!?!?!? SOMETHING is bass-ackwards here !!!!!!!!!! and THIS was a REPEAT "performance" from yesterday !!! I guess WE can't teach an old dog new tricks, but they can certainly teach themselves a thing or (number) 2 !!! But Snooper, do you REALLY think Sweet Polly Purebred will be impressed? I'M NOT !?!?!?!

Ok, ok, ok... I need to wrap this post up so one last thought.... I may have fallen into the latest and "greatest" online dating site... a Facebook friend had some post a couple of weeks ago about a dice game on Facebook named Farkle. So, always up for something new, I added this application and my Farkle "experience" commenced. Maybe I should have noticed that the actual URL of the game is "" ... kinda says a LOT....
Anyway, until you attain "pro" status, you can only play with yourself.... OHHHHH, THAT came out wrong !!!! Once you're a "pro", you can actually play head to head matches against other people.
After finally reaching pro status, I entered the world of 1 on 1 play.... mind you, this is a constantly moving dice game where each player has 30 seconds in between rolls of the dice. Total time for a game against someone may be 5 minutes tops.
Anyone that knows me from Texas Hold'Em knows that I am pretty sociable at the tables - ok, so I don't STFU !!!!! It DOES make the game more fun, RIGHT Hoop and GG !?!?!?
Anyway, apparently being friendly has it's ... uh, "benefits" when playing Farkle... or at least to the self-proclaimed "hot little red-head from GA"... It doesn't take a rocket scientist to follow her train of thought... "My hubby won't be home for 10 minutes", "I love morning sex" (uh, it was 10 am), "Let's get this party started before he gets home", "Are You Interested?" Ok, WAIIIIIT... Are You Interested IS a singles site on Facebook... perhaps she was "Lost in cyberSpace"... Will Robinson, Will Robinson - GREAT SHOW !!!!!!

I was honestly taken aback and wasn't about to play THAT game... I mean, even if I WERE interested..... less than 5 minutes during a constantly moving dice game ???? GEESH !!!! Hmmmm, perhaps if the situation arises again, I'll tell them it just isn't even close to being possible - I'm an Extenz user !!!!!.........

That's it for now. You know where to find me.... I'll be FARKLING !!!!!!!!!
AND I'll bet you're all "Ctrl C"/"Ctrl V"ing right now !!!!!!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sox Recap - game from September 25th, 2009

OH, THAT HURTS !!!!!!!!

THE Nation collectively held their breath last night... the silence was deafening... you know what I mean, as Red Sox ACE, Jon Lester rolled around on the Yankee Stadium ground in extreme pain...

Lester took a line shot to the leg. In what originally appeared to be direct hit on the knee (or side of the knee), the official report is.... X-Rays negative... contusion to the right quad (uh front thigh) ...


As deafening as the silence was, it was nothing compared the roar of the sigh of relief exhaled by the Nation at the news that it was "just" a bruise... always prepared for the worst, a direct shot to the knee-cap could have literally crippled a pitcher, obviously ending this kid's future Hall of Fame career...

Although, this still must be a painful injury.... deep thigh bruises can linger for months (TRUST me !!!) and remember, for a southpaw, the right leg is a pitcher's landing leg... you do the motion and see how much strain is put on YOUR quads....

Lester later stated that he will NOT miss his next start on Tuesday... I'd be willing to bet Tito has something else to say about that as Jonny appears to be the #1 starter for the post season... and I'll ALSO bet ice sales are WAY up in the Bronx today !!!

I will NEVER cease to be amazed at the mentality of Yankers fans... reading a thread on where several were actually applauding Lester's injury... obviously feeling that with Lester out of the line-up, the Bronx Bummers MAY have a thread of hope of beating our Beantown Bombers in the playoffs !!!! Nuf Ced

Heartbeat back to normal, last night's contest was ugly on many levels.... Joba the HUTT (insert finger down throat NOW!!) was on the mound for the Yanks, which SHOULD have been a good thing for our boys.. but with Lester getting lit up early and our bats SILENT, the Evil Empire jumped out to an early 5-1 when Lester went down in the 3rd...

The bullpen, called into action early, again provided little to no relief, as the Sox' bats woke up from their nap and tried to scrap their way back into the contest... Hmmm, Lester gave up 5 runs.... the final was 9-5, Yankers.... any rocket scientists out there ?!?!?!?!?

VMart collected 2 hits, including a solo shot in the 4th - hitting streak ???? a career high 24 games... and I apologize for not doing the calculations sooner... BUT.... with ONLY 9 games left in the regular season.... again Google the Little Professor !!! (or click that link)... I wonder if they count post season games... they do in MY book... NUF CED

Big Papi hit bomb number 27 in the 6th and had 3 RBI - total now.... 94 !!!! 30/100 may only be a few days away !!!! hmmmmm, reminds me of something I read...

And the Sox scored 2 more runs in the 8th to make the game close right??? WRONG !!!! While the offense was TRYING to chip away at that early lead, the Yanks were out-hitting AND out-running the Sox all over Yankee Stadium... are you [freaking] kidding me?!?!?! 7... SEVEN stolen bases ????

I love ya Tek, BUT.......... I know, I know, I know... 90% of the time, a runner steals a base off of the pitcher, but 7 steals off 4 pitchers ???? there's only 1 common denominator there, big guy !!!!!!!!! Nuf Ced

Anyway... Dice-K... Diceman... or Andrew Dice Clay takes the hill today for the Sox against CC SaFATTYa... here's to hoping we don't witness a comedy of errors !!!!

And here's a little tidbit to all you Sox fans that think Tito "packed it in" last night and the Sox are settling for 2nd place... the Red Sox notoriously don't give a rat's [butt] about Division titles, no matter how much we want them to - think about 2004. The focus is to make it to the "dance" - which is all but in the bag !!!

It's a long season and like clockwork, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, the Sox historically rest the "regulars" at the end of the season so they are as healthy as possible for the play-offs... a Division Title with a banged up and ailing starting line-up does no good. This season will be no different - they will field the best line-up possible for the play-offs. Have faith - Tito has brought 2 titles to your lives.... Nuf Ced

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced
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Here's a quickie... just warming up - hell it's 3 am !!!

I was tagged in a photo by a Facebook friend. This is classic...
This picture pretty much epitomizes this post from August....
And though I normally strive to rant and rave on here... this pic is worth TEN THOUSAND words...
Nuf Ced

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! Nuf Ced
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sox Thawts - 25 September, 2009

Series Wrap - Red Sox at Royals... AND

September 21st... Royals 12, Red Sox 9... Monday saw Tim Wakefield come off the shelf to try to earn a spot in the post-season rotation... Ailing back behind him (I WISH !!!), Wake pitched... uh, mediocre... giving up 5 runs in 5 innings BUT walked 7 !!! However, he DID leave with the Sox up 8-5.... so, what happened??? BULLPEN !!!!!!!! Delcarmen, Bard and Wagner provided no relief what-so-ever - giving up 7 runs in TWO innings !!!!... and handed KC the win on a silver platter. Our boys out-hit the Royal but not even JBays 36th round-tripper of the summer or VMart's 100th rbi, were enough overcome OUR BULLPEN in this one....

September 22nd... Royals 5, Red Sox 1... Tuesday saw Paul Byrd in HIS attempt to make the post-season roster... only to be undermined by his pitching coach... recent work on mechanics caused bird to get lit up in the first inning.... giving up all 5 runs in that frame... the bullpen bounced back to maintain that deficit but the bats were silenced by Cy Young candidate, Zack Greinke.... mustering only 2 hits and 1 run... BUT, 1 of those hits came off the bat of VMart to extend his hitting streak... more later....

September 23rd... Red Sox 9, Royals 2... the series brightened up on Wednesday... Josh Beckett got the nod for our boys... although he still isn't back to TRUE Beckett (obviously he still needs to shake being sick... or whatever John Farrell tried to change !!!) giving up 12 hits, but he did pitched 6 innings and only gave up 2 runs, striking out 7 (and tying his personal season's best at 194)... 1 more quality outing and Beckett will join Jon Lester in the 200 strikeout club... 2 pitchers with 200 K's on the same team.. that's a LOT of punch-outs... offensively the bats woke up pounding out 12 hits... VMart extended his hitting streak... Papi blasted #25 - continuing to lead the league in big flies since June - and had 4 RBIs - including #88 - 30/100 (homers/RBIs) is WELL within reach !!!.. Jbay collected RBIs #115 and #116 - if this kid doesn't reach 40/130, I'm going to stop blogging !!!!!!!!! And, the relief trio of Oki, Wagner and Paps pitched 3 innings of no-hit ball... now, THAT's relief !!!

September 24th... Red Sox 10, Royals 3... Last night, one of my personal favorite pitchers took the hill for our boys... and by golly, CLAY BUCHHOLZ WAS BRILLIANT !!! possibly one of his career-best outings (well, except for the no-hitter !!!), Buchhy was firing on all cylinders (and pitches)... working 6-2/3 innings of 5-hit, 8-K, shutout ball !!! #3 pitcher ?!?!?! this kid could be #2 on MANY teams... RamRam had a "bit" of difficulty out of the 'pen, but the 15 hit attack more than compensated for him (I wonder if they're working on mechanics with him too... AHHHHHHHH!!!).. Offensively, 6 of the starters collected 2 or more hits... the well-balanced attack was led by Senor Papi.. who had 3 hits including clouting #26 and driving in his 91st run... who said 30/100 ???? Jacoby also had 3 hits and 2 steals... bringing his MLB leading total to 66... ummmmm, 70 is in the "bag", no??? Pedey chipped in with 2 hits (and extended his OWN hitting streak to 16 games), including his 46th double... 50, 50, 50 !!!! 2 straight seasons with 50+ doubles ???

And VMart... ah, VMart... true acquiring VMart was undoubtedly THE biggest trade at the July trading deadline... but, Victor Martinez continues to make that trade bigger than anyone could have imagined !!!! VMart had 2 hits last night.... hitting streak extended to 23 games (I WILL NOT jinx him here.... you can all Google Dom DiMaggio - RIP Little Professor) ...

Now, you all know I LOVE Captain Tek BUT.......... the Sox need VMart's bat in the line-up E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. !!!! Tek has 19 hits since the All-Star break in July.... AND the team losses NOTHING with VMart behind the dish... certainly at least as good, if not better than, Tek at this point on BOTH sides of the plate... I DO hope they keep Tek on the roster for the post-season..... but, it becomes more and more obvious that the team will NOT exercise his option next year... BUT, thank you Jason Varitek !!!! We wouldn't be where we are without you.... truly a future Red Sox Hall Of Famer....

September 25th.... The ride of baseball's regular season is nearing the end... 10 games remain. Our beloved Beantown Bombers WILL be in the post season... not a prediction, just the naked truth !!!!

Currently sitting on top of the Rangers (ok, ok, ok... BAD visual there !!!) by 8 games in the wild card race, the Sox "magic number" sits at 3 games... What??? WTF is a magic number, you ask ??? The magic number in this case is the COMBINED number of Red Sox wins and Rangers losses that will CLINCH our boys a seat in the play-offs... hmmmmm....

SOOOOOO... each and every Boston win AND Texas loss reduces the number... and brings the Sox one step closer to a post season berth....

BUT............ consider this... at 91-61, our boys have the 3rd best record in ALL of baseball... and are playing pretty [darn] good ball right now.... SO WHAT ?!?!?!... SEW BUTTONS !!!!!!

But seriously, the Yankers lead over the Red Sox for the DIVISION title is only 5-1/2 games (do NOT ask me to explain the 1/2 game thingy, it all comes out in the wash !!!)... actually all it means when a lead is X-1/2 games is that the teams haven't played the same number of games - no worries, they WILL all play 162 (uh, usually)...

With a weekend sweep of the Yankers in the Bronx, Boston could literally be 2-1/2 games back... and with the remaining 7 games being at home in Boston... hmmmmm, Division Champs has a "ring" to it.....

But NOT to put the cart before the horse, just making it to the play-offs is half the battle... and essentially the ONLY reason they play 162 games... seems like an awfully long summer just to determine play-off participants...

This weekend in the Bronx could certainly be a preview of a play-off match-up.... But the pitching match-ups favor the Yankers... Jonny Lester vs. Joba "the Hutt" Chamberlain tonight... Dice-K vs CC Sabathia tomorrow.... BYRDman vs Andy Pettitte in the finale on Sunday... uh, sweep ????... not too sure about that... let's just hope John Farrell doesn't [screw] up this series.... I'll be checking my beer and Tums supply momentarily in preparation (may need THAT too... uh, Preparation H ???) , none the less...

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It's just my opinion, so please PAHDON it. Y'all come back now, ya heah !! - Nuf Ced
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sox Thawts - 23 September, 2009

Buckle up boys and girls !!!!!!!!!

Aight Aight Aight (pronounced... AIGHT !!!) ready..... set..... here we go !!!!!!!!!!

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..... in watching the Beantown Bombers recently, I can't help but wonder if they are baked (beans).... or have they packed it in and SETTLED for a wild card play-off spot ?!?!?!? COME [FRIGGING] ON !!!!!!!!!! The Evil Empire is well within striking distance... especially with a weekend series coming up against those YANKERS !!!!!!!!

The difference between being a division champ and a wild card entrant is a bit more than minimal... as the division winner, you are pretty much assured being the home team in AT LEAST one of the rounds of league playoffs - 2 if your record is good enough... and the home field advantage for the World Series goes to the league that won the All Star game.... uh, THE AMERICAN LEAGUE !!!

WHAT ?!?!?! Big deal you say !?!?!?! A bigger deal than you know.... the Sox have one of the BEST home records in all of baseball.... yet, struggle "on the road"..... "boasting" a sub-.500 record away from the friendly confines of the Fens.... I'm no rocket scientist (or I wouldn't be writing this blog) BUT ......yeah, yeah, yeah... I KNOW they have won the Series as the wild card....

I have ranted my thoughts about solidifying a 5-man rotation for the post season.... YES, our boys WILL be in the playoffs !!!! unless they totally [screw] this great summer up.... or just start playing golf NOW, before the weather turns cold for good !!!!!!

I "asked" 2 of the 4 available pitchers - Dice-K, Tazawa, Wakefield and Byrd - to step up.... soooooooooooooooo.... Ok, Diceman seems to be all in here (SURPRISE !!!).... Taz has been "shut down" for the remainder of the season and isn't available..... Wake... dude, I feel for ya but ......... and Byrdy..... I'm pulling for ya but .... BUT NOTHING !!!!!

Let's take Paul Byrd's outing last night....6-2/3 innings, 5 runs, 9 hits, 4 walks, ZERO punchouts... granted NOT a stellar performance BUT !!!!!!!!! ALL of the runs he gave up came in the first inning... an inning I remind you where the home plate umpire was squeezing the [crap] out of Byrd's strike zone.... take that inning out of the equation and .....

And, AND, AND.... the bats "mustered" 2 measly hits and 1 run the entire night... HOW THE [FRIG] can you win a game on 2 hits ?!?!?!?!... let alone a World Series !!!!!!!!! ... and THANK YOU VMart for the only RBI... AND for extending your hitting streak to 21 games !!!!!!!!!

But as I was watching Byrd get "plucked" last night, "something" became PAINFULLY obvious... "What is THAT?" you ask.... well................. shortly after the debacle of an inning that I witnessed, NESN played an interview that put EVERYTHING into perspective... an interview that actually transpired prior to the game..... and interview with pitching coach John Farrell.... an interview that... that.... that.... ALMOST made me trash my television.... (keep reading)

Before, I share the "gist" of this particular interview, allow me to share my "credentials".... yeah, yeah, yeah... 43 years old... played (pitched) little league and pony league ball... coached (pitching coach) little league and Babe Ruth ball for 10 years, coach of a no-hit game... former coach of a current college pitching prospect.... SO?!?!?!? So, does any of this make me an authority... HELL NO !!!!!!!!

BUT ........... what does make me an "authority" is I am lifetime student of the game... and of the Red Sox in particular.... what does make me an authority is that I have eyes and a brain... I KNOW 1 + 1 = 2 !!!!...... which is more than I can say for John Farrell... (here's where you need to tighten the seat belt).....

John Edward Farrell.... MLB pitching record.... 36-46.... 4.56 ERA.... 355 strikeouts.... former teammate of Terry Francona (Red Sox)..... WOEEEEEEEEEEEE WAIT !!!!! WHAT ?????? He was Tito's teammate with the Indians... OBVIOUSLY, it isn't what you know but WHO you know !!!!!!!!

Ok, ok, ok.... Farrell DID pitch in the majors... SO [FRIGGING] WHAT ?!?!?! His record shows he [stunk] !!!!!! Pitching in the majors does NOT a pitching coach make... I'm applying for the Sox' pitching coach position !!!!!!!! This guy has NOTHING on me !!!!!!!!! Read my "predictions".... NUF CED

That being Ced.... here's the crux of the interview.... mind you, this was aired AFTER Byrd got "lit up"... "Blah, blah, blah.... we've been working on mechanics with Paul..." STOP RIGHT [FRIGGING] THERE !!!!!!!!!! MECHANICS !?!?!?!?! You have the uh... [gonads] to admit that you are now [screwing] around with Paul Byrd.... after you [screwed] up Josh Beckett for 3 weeks ?!?!?!

This guy has no idea what he's doing... EXCEPT [screwing] up our pitching staff !!!!! MECHANICS ?!?!?!? "Mr." Farrell.... Josh Beckett is one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball... and Paul Byrd has been pitching twice as long as you ever did.... soooooooooooooo.... STOP [FRIGGING] with their "mechanics"... THEY are obviously better pitchers than YOU could ever dream of being !!!!!!!! And you've PROVEN that working on their mechanics [screws] them up.... [Mess] the [frig] off !!!

John Farrell has GOT to go !!!!!!!! Have the Steinbrenners got him on THEIR payroll ?!?!?! With all due respect to Tito... NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS !!!!!!!!! Farrell is killing you and the Nation....

If Theo Epstein or Mr. Henry happen to stumble upon this post... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... hear what is being said... we'll all be better off !!!!!! AND, I'm available !!!!!!!!!!!! give it a shot boys, you just may be surprised !!!!!!!


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Angels on Earth - dedicated to Lynda

Here's a post that I posted yesterday as a Facebook Note. It was in reply to a friend that had posted something about angels...
Regular readers, please PAHDON this interruption from the "normal" banter that you are used to on here... this note seemed to be pretty popular on Facebook, so I thought I may share it on my blog. I wrote it quick (UNDER PRESSURE FROM THE RECIPIENT) but I think the message came across. I could gussy it up a bit, but here it is verbatim - in all it's reckless "glory" !!!!!
Enjoy... and don't worry, I have a pretty critical Sox blog storming my brain... so, visit early and often.

"I hope this comes out right... or at least you "get it"

I was "awakened" about angels by a card reader... a lesson I will never forget.... think about it !!!
Once I was taught this "lesson", I considered everyone could be an angel...

As we travel through our lives, everyone has MANY angels...
Some come into our lives and stay for a second
some come into our lives and last a lifetime...
Some come into our lives.... "leave"... and then re-enter... but whether you know it or not, they were ALWAYS there !!!!
But no matter how long they stay, everyone we encounter is a potential angel....
But, why? What constitutes an "angel" ????

As a Catholic, I was always taught that an angel is some being that watches over you through life, and "protects" you....

As a human I was enlightened to realize that an angel is anyone that has helped or had an impact on your life... ie, ANYONE !!!!!!!!!

Our lives are constantly being visited and impacted by angels.... OFTEN for reasons we may not immediately understand.... But once I was shown and believed this, I took a look back at "people" that have come into my life and realized that each and everyone of them came into my life for a reason.... ie, they were an angel... whether it be for a short stay or a long visit or a lifetime... these people popped into my life for a reason... to help me... if only to make me who I am today... and tomorrow ! and, now I have a better understanding as to why people enter my life now...

The misnomer a Catholic child has growing up, is that we are taught that angels are heavenly "bodies" that look down upon us and "protect" us....
As a human adult, that concept can be extended to mean that an angel is someone that enters your life for ANY period of time to help you grow, in whatever manner... If you think about it and are a believer... Charles Manson can be considered and angel.... helping me learn, grow and understand MORE THAN 1 of life's lessons..... THAT may be stretching it, but Manson has impacted us all.... in one way or another....

But, somewhat less obscure, think about people in your personal life... each and everyone of them is/was there for a particular reason... to help you grow as a human being....

The length of time a particular angel spends in your life has no bearing on their importance... ONLY on YOUR particular need at that very moment in time.... THAT is why they come and go... also, whether they come and go or stay or re-enter does NOT make them any more or any less important...

But again, many times it is years before we realize why an has angel entered our lives... but it is never too late !!!!!!!! Once it was explained to me (and I believed !!!) I was able to reevaluate SO MUCH that has happened... and was able to understand much more... and was able to try to understand why a particular ANGEL was sent into my life at any particular time.

So, I offer that anyone that reads this... look for the angels in your life... the ones that presently reside there... and the ones that enter in the future.... as I can honestly say that YOU LYNDA have made yourself an angel in my life by making me remember this very simple life lesson at a very important time in my life... And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an angel today !!!!

And I thank anyone else who reads this..... and ask that you just think about it.... and BELIEVE !!!

Nuf Ced
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GOOD Ole Bob


I apologize for being MIA lately.... working security for TWO U2 concerts kinda messed up my "schedule"... stay TUNEd for more on U2....

Well, well, well.... where to start.... HERE !!! - hit this link if you're looking for an extremely funny and entertaining blog. "plainolebob" (Bob Byford) is a blogger buddy from Louisianna and his very popular blog, "just kickin it around", is absolutely hysterical - and anything BUT plain.

Funny as hell and written in a southern "redneck" (no disrespect) manner, reading Bob's words has me in stitches EVERYTIME !!! .. totally reminding me of my Beverly Hillbillies watching days... And I'll be "shipped in dip" if I don't mentally slip into the best pseudo-southern drawl this damn... uh, yankee... can muster...

MR Bob stumbled upon "Pahdon" in it's infancy and has been a regular follower and participant.... stating that I "Have brought baseball back into his life"... No worries mate, you've brought extreme entertainment into mine !!!!

Yesterday, I received an email from Bob to stop in for a visit - he "had something for me". So, OF COURSE I hit his site to find out what was up... To my SURPRISE, I found out that GOODolebob has presented awards to fellow bloggers, with Pahdon being one of them, amongst several other actually great sites !!!

Whereas I "try" (although, often can't resist !!!) not to be self-promotional, Bob has taken it upon himself to promote some of his favorites, solidifying the bond he has with these friends - as doing such is held in high regard by the blogosphere... on many levels.

So Mr. Bob, I thank you VERY much. I truly am honored for your kind words and the award you have bestowed upon me - VERY honored coming from a fellow blogger that himself possesses a top quality site. And as I commented on your blog... "I can only hope you enjoy mine as much as I enjoy yours" - Nuf Ced

So, I invite EVERYONE to stop by Bob's place for a bit of southern hospitality - you'll be glad you did... I WAS !!!!!!!!!! And when you do, tell him Nuf Ced sent you !!!!!
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

John Henry Blasts Boston Media !!!!

(photo from

For those of you that don't know, Red Sox (and Fenway and NESN) Principal Owner, John Henry, has started blogging... weeeee hooooo, I'm in good company !!!! This very unprecedented move is the type of ownership that Red Sox Nation enjoys.... owners for the people.

Anyway, while watching last night's game at "Fenway South", uh, Baltimore, NESN reported a snippet that Mr. Henry had posted an article on his blog "Blasting the Boston media"... or at least that's how I took it.... actually it was more like "John Henry [demands] that the Boston media apologize to David Ortiz".... obviously a subject near and dear to his heart as he posted it at 7:47 last night - DURING THE RED SOX GAME !!!!

At a time when a baseball owner is watching his team battle for a spot in the post-season, THIS owner is blogging about the respect that David Ortiz DESERVES!!!! I, of course, immediately grabbed my Blackberry and logged on to to try to see exactly what was going on - what John Henry's post was about.

Much to my excitement, I was able to determine that the post referred to all the BULL[CRAP] that the media put Big Papi through at the beginning of August over Papi's name being included on "The List"... KUDOS TO MR. HENRY !!!!

My immediate reaction, of course, was, "I need to blog THIS !!!"... recalling that I had posted a similar, although MUCH more emotional, post back in August.

My thoughts ranted to self-promotional titles for this post like "Great John's Think Alike" but have since subsided... although, if I don't promote me, WHO WILL !?!?!?!

Nope, no self-promo from this "kid" today... this post isn't about me... it's about John Henry, David Ortiz and the "top-notch" Boston media..

HUGE kudos to John Henry.... first for having the "testicular fortitude" to enter the blogosphere and share insights with the Nation that no one else could/would.

SECOND.... kudos to Mr. Henry for recognizing the fact that Big Papi was treated 100% unfairly. The media that put him on a pedestal over the last several seasons, COLLECTIVELY crumbled that very pedestal in a time when Papi and the Nation needed their support most....

Back-stabbers and "Benedicts" came to my mind through this whole ordeal. True, they say that Boston is one of, if not THE, toughest towns to be an athlete in... BUT, my assumption was always that those who said this were alluding to the fact that the fans are so passionate... NOT, because the media turns their back on you (well ok, I knew the media was tough too)... making you out to be a criminal when you've done NOTHING illegal...

But "tough" is a gross understatement of how the hero of a Nation was treated by our "beloved" Boston media... the same hero that has kept them employed, bringing them records and championships to report about... some appreciation, huh???

Massaroti, Shaughnessy etc etc etc - each and every one of them ripped Papi before during and after the press conference in which he flat out said he never bought or did steroids.... Nuf Ced right ?!?!?! WRONG !!!!!!!!!! That statement just made them all flat out call Papi a liar !!!! ....

All of them EXCEPT..... Nick Cafardo !!! Hats off to Nick Cafardo !!! as his statement after the Papi conference was "If David Ortiz says he didn't do it, he didn't do it!!!" SOMEONE with a brain !!!!!!!!!

Perhaps NOW the media will look in a mirror and see themselves for what they really are.... and remember that when you point a finger at someone, 3 fingers are pointing at you !!!!

The BOSS has spoken.. and I thank John Henry for doing so !!!! Although I highly doubt that anyone in the media will apologize... their "creed" being... NEVER RECANT, fearing that it undermines a reporter's "credibility".... hmmmm, never recant huh, remember that John Henry owns your [butt], anyone at NESN !!!!!!!!

Personally, I found it INcredible that they messed with Papi (and the Nation) in the manner that they did !!! .... and think that it would add to their credibility and their persona to just "fess up"... although, it shouldn't have taken Mr. Henry's blog to make this happen - if it happens at all.....

-Nuf Ced
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sox Thawts - 18 September, 2009

Series wrap - Angels in the Fens Field !!!

First, It's Been Awhile (Staind !!!) well, a few days anyway so YOU'RE S.O.L., and you know what THAT means !!! It means this will be a long post... but no worries, size DOES matter, right ?!?!?!

Tuesday 9/15/09 - Well, well, well... I'll be the first to admit when I am... hmmmmm... uh..... wrong (YEOUCH, THAT HURT !!!). In an earlier post, I "begged" 2 of the Sox' 4 potential starters to "step up to the plate" in an effort to solidify a 5-man rotation behind Beckett, Lester and Buchholz. They won't win the World Series without a consistent 5-man rotation... and had my doubts as to whether Dice-K could/should be one of them...

In an "experiment" I deemed disastrous with the play-offs hanging in the balance, the Sox decided to roll the... uh... DICE... sending Daisuke Matsuzaka (Dice-K) to the mound for the first time since June... pitching moderately successful in the farm system since then. Perhaps, I was trying to give him additional motivation... yeah, like he reads or gives a [crap] what I say !!!! Nuf Ced

Anyway, much to my surprise, rumors of Dice getting into shape and regaining command of his.... uh, "junk" appeared to be true on Tuesday... pitching 6 shutout innings, giving up 3 hits and leading our boys to a much needed victory - for both himself as well as the team... he even had a no-hitter going for 4 innings or so.. ALTHOUGH, you're only as good as your last "performance", so for NOW at least, Dice is back in the saddle... Nuf Ced

Wednesday 9/16/09 - Byrd was the word in Beantown for Wednesday's contest. As quickly as I admit to being "wrong" (for now at least), I MUST pat myself on the back when I'm right (no one else will, right ?!?!?) I corrected a friend yesterday who uttered "[Frigging] Byrd" - seemingly blaming Paul Byrd's performance for the Sox ALMOST losing his game.

I IMMEDIATELY corrected her, reminding her that Byrd pitched 5-1/3 innings giving up 3 runs - EXACTLY why the Sox brought him out of retirement !!!... consistently pitching 6 innings or so and giving up 3 runs or less - certainly well enough for a victory...

BUUUUUUT, the BULLPEN tried their hardest (and succeeded) to undermine Byrd's solid outing, collectively giving up 5 runs (and the LEAD) over the next 4 frames. Good thing our bats had no quit in them and finally prevailed on a hot shot to left by Gonzo with the bases loaded in the 9th... ok, ok, ok..... so, it was a blooper.... but read the box score, it all looks the same !!! Nuf Ced

More on Gonzo... Alex Gonzalez.... brought back to Boston to sure up the defensive play of the shortstop position... tauted as an excellent defensive player but a casualty at the plate... Hmmmmm, last time I checked Gonzo was hitting close to .300 with 4 dingers and 7 doubles in the 30 games since the acquisition... boy, I'd love to see the numbers he could put up if he could actually hit !!!!

Thursday 9/17/09 - This is where it really gets good !!! Josh Beckett was on the bump - coming off a sparkling rain-shortened outing that lasted 5 innings... Regular readers may recall my criticism of John Farrell's comments that Beckett was working on "mechanics" for 3 weeks !!!!!!!!

Check this out... DA DA DA DA !!!! APPARENTLY, the latest word is that Beckett was SICK for 2 weeks !!! MECHANICS SHMANICS !!!! Who said it was NOT a mechanical issue ?!?!?!? You can't fool a fool... Nuf Ced !!!

Anyway, Beckett again appeared to be past what ailed him..... uh, UNTIL that PASSED ball that tied the score - last night. Actually, it WAS a nasty curve that got the punchout - AND got through Tek's (5-hole)... uh, legs.... But Beckett did go 8 strong innings giving up just 3 runs, punching out 7 and scattering 7 hits - certainly a strong outing that cuda shuda wuda been a win for our boys... HA, but no win equals no song for ya, big guy... Better "luck" next time !!!!!!!!!

Jacoby and JBay tried their best to bring home the bacon, each going yard but the entire rest of the line-up only managed 3 hits combined.... And the bullpen did a "bang-up" job to preserve the game... uh, Billy Boy Wagner got pinned with his first loss.... I wonder what PAPS has to say about THAT (heh, heh, heh) !!!!!! Nuf Ced

It was a critical series... I know, "NO [CRAP] SHERLOCK !!!!"... on many levels... as quite probably, our boys will square-off against the same California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels from Anaheim - but WTF is in a name (or 3) right ?!?!? GEESH !!!! I'll bet Gene Autry is rolling in his grave (google it !!! - never mind, here it is)... in the ALDS (uh, first round of the playoffs)... no predictions here but the Beantown Bombers have OWNED the Angels in the post-season.... Nuf Ced

It was also critical to see if Dice-K could come back and if Paul Byrd wishes continue to pitch to major leaguers instead of returning to tossing at... uh, TO, a bunch of 13 year olds... both major developments as Wake is obviously going to be a pain.. I mean IN PAIN, down the stretch and Taz is busy dressing in "drag".... rookie initiation for the last road-trip of the season - funny as hell.... actually he makes a "decent" chick !!! Nuf Ced

LAST, but not least, it was a critical series that saw our boys lengthen their lead over the Rangers in the wild card playoff race to 6 games (although, SHOULD be 7 !!!). To those of you who think Texas still has a chance to catch our boys despite being 6 games back.... consider this.... the Sox are "only" 7 games behind the Yankees for the division lead.... hmmmmmmmm... NUF CED !!!!

Now, Buchhy takes the bump tonight in Baltimore....... I'll say it now instead of tonight, and you all can shoot me tomorrow... Buchhy WILL have no-hit stuff tonight !!!! Nuf Ced

Here's a shout-out to GFS (good friend Sue) who actually thinks I know what I'm talking about on here... hmmmmm, I guess you CAN fool a fool !!!!! (she's gonna kill me for sure !!!!!)

As always..... it's been real..... it's been fun..... and it REALLY has been lots of fun !!!!!

-Nuf Ced
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome to Patsville - Patriots/Bills - 9/14/09

- Matt Light

(picture from

Or, are you ready for some football !?!?!

I watched last night's Patriots game while posting updates on my Facebook account.... It was a great day for a Pats fan... it was opening day... it was a home game being played in Foxboro... it was a game that saw the Patriots donning the uniforms of days past (uniforms I love with "Pat" on the helmets)... it was a "national" game on ESPN... it was Tom Brady's first comeback contest... it was a divisional match-up with the Bills and the self-proclaimed "REAL #81", Terrel Owens (TO)... it was a fan's dream...

It was the opening game of a new season... a season that brings about the return of Mr. Tom Brady after sitting out the entire 2008 season due to a knee injury in the very first contest... a season marked by comments like "Will Brady ever be the same?"... yet a season also marked by predictions by the "experts" of very possibly ANOTHER Super Bowl trophy..

Lofty predictions indeed... especially when you consider that the Patriots "lost" 4 key members of the defense that helped bring home 3 championships... Rodney Harrison - retired.... Mike Vrable - traded.... Tedi Bruschi - retired.... Richard Seymour - traded... if defense wins championships, this final trade of Seymour just didn't make any sense to me...

So, I watched... reading panic-stricken posts and "attempting" to console Facebook friends, HOPING that the Patriots were reading the soothing words I was posting myself... also hoping that my words would somehow be proven accurate as admittedly I was a bit "nervous" when this dream night started out as a nightmare.

The team, THE ENTIRE PATRIOTS FOOTBALL TEAM got off to a slow start last night - a very slow start indeed. And to a man, the entire Patriots football team will readily admit that. "We were JUST off" said Brady after the game...

Lack of execution was abound as I watched dropped passes, missed assignments and sloppy play in all 3 phases of the game... I watched a "Brady Rule" penalty on Vince Wilfork - a roughing the quarterback rule implemented after Tom Brady's season-ending injury last year - HOW IRONIC !!! ... I even watched Tom Brady pass up a chance to run for a 3-yard TD... and I may have had doubts myself for a nano-second...

The Bills built up a 17-10 halftime lead but I continued to comfort friends with posts like "Belichick is the master of halftime speeches"... Obviously just words while the Bills continued to out-play the Patriots and led 24-13 with less than 6 minutes of play to go...

And then it was showtime !!! It was THEN that "IT" happened.... To anyone that doubted Tom Brady's chances of being the same as he was in 2007 need only to review last night's game - particularly the last 5-1/2 minutes or so. It was then that I watched him commandeer a comeback reminiscent to any of the 28 comebacks I've viewed over the past 12 seasons. It was then that any smidgen of a doubt subsided....

It was at that point that the REAL Patriots football team stepped up... led by the "General" himself. To some effect Randy Moss stated that even down by 11 points Brady remained confident and upbeat... almost knowing that he was about to carry the team to yet another "miraculous" comeback.... a TRUE leader....

And, down by 11 points with less than 6 minutes to play, Tom Brady did just that... he led the team... he led the team down the field picking apart the Bills' secondary... he led the team to not ONE but TWO touchdown passes to Ben Watson (rumored in the pre-season to be on the trading block due to attitude issues, mind you) in the last 2:10 of play... He once again led the Patriots to victory !!!!

So, all is wonderful in Patsville today... Brady IS back !!!... completing 39 of 53 passes for 378 yards (tops in the NFL this weekend) and 2 TDs... Randy Moss and Wes Welker each caught 12 passes... Ben Watson caught 2 TDs... AND the Patriots won a game that the usually staunch and gruff Bill Belichick quipped, "Well... that was an exciting game !!!" .... a game that bred headlines like this from
Incredible stats aside, quite possibly the biggest play of the game came from an unusual source - Patriots KICKER, Stephen Gostowski, recovered a fumbled kick-off with 2 minutes left in the game - giving Brady the opportunity to drive home for the victory !!!

And to TO, it isn't very hard to see who the REAL #81 is today... so, you keep storming out of locker rooms and Randy Moss will keep catching passes from Tom Brady.

-Nuf Ced
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sox Thawts - 14 September, 2009

"Offense wins games, defense wins championships"
-Bill Belichick

Very profound words and words to ponder as I write this post... and as baseball's regular season enters the final 3 weeks, the Red Sox continue their play-off hunt... and the football season commences, soon to be followed by hockey and basketball. WHAT A TIME OF YEAR !!!!... a busy one at that for a sport's fan....

Ha, 4 days since posting - your luck has just run out !!!!!

Allow me to translate Coach Belichick's words of wisdom as it relates to our beloved Beantown Bombers... "Offense wins games, PITCHING wins championships !!!" Nuf Ced

The Terrific Trio..... Arguably developing as one of the most formidable 1-2-3 punches in all of professional baseball is the RLR combination of Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz..... this weekend's sweep of the Rays is evidence of this... and certainly critical as our boys play some 21 games without a day-off after today....

Beckett seems to have fixed what was "mechanically" (uh, hem) wrong with a dominant performance on Saturday night... the 2-seamer was a thing of beauty. He pitched a rain-shortened complete game - officially going 5 innings, giving up 1 run on 4 hits and PUNCHING out 4 in a 9-1 drubbing that saw the bats pummel home 8 runs in the 3rd round.. uh inning... read that again.. NO, I didn't say "pummel 8 HOME RUNS"... but close enough...

Continuing the flurry yesterday in the first game of a rain-induced double header was Buchhy... Unfortunately, I jinxed him, uttering (actually typing) those fatal words... "Clay has no-hit stuff today"... which he really did.. and he made not 1 but TWO fantastic fielding plays to preserve that chance.

He didn't pitch a no-no, actually he didn't even pick up the win as the bats (it DOES take offense to win!!!) didn't give Clay a lot of support... BUT, he pitched 7 marvelous innings of 1 run, 5 hit, 5 K ball... hmm, reminds me of a song I wrote... uh, HEARD !!!!!!!!!

Appearing to tire in the 7th round, Bucchy finally allowed a run... with a GREAT block (and spiking) at home plate by VMart preventing a second tally by the Rays... who said this guy was mediocre as a backstop ?!?!?!

Pedey was the ultimate fighter winner.... (hmmmm, perhaps a new edition to my posts - I'll work on THAT). Anyway, Dustin blasted a big fly... to right field no less - that swing came from his toes!!! ... in the eighth round to knock (Rays starter) Matt Garza out (of the game)... and leading the Sox to a 3-1 victory !!!!

The final blow came in the night cap of the twin-bill as Jonny Lester's left "hook" (and fastball and slider !!!) proved to be too much as he knocked the Rays out of the playoff race for sure... There will be NO re-match with the Rays THIS year !!!!!!! ALTHOUGH, I experienced the thrill of a lifetime visiting the Fens for game 5 of the ALCS last year - the game in which our boys came from 7 runs down in the 7th to ultimately win the game and send the series back to Florida... OH WHAT A NIGHT !!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Lester pitched 8 innings of NO RUN, 2 HIT, 7 K ball yesterday, obviously reminding me of ANOTHER tune ... The more Jonny pounds the zone the more impressive he is.... ok, ok, ok... I owe Josh Beckett HIS own song... gimme some time !!!!

The bullpen has remembered THEIR role in this and have once again become dominant. Paps has listened and is showcasing the high cheese with plenty of moss. Billy Boy Wagner has been a great addition (so far) and even earned himself a closing opportunity in yesterday's 2nd game. Ut Oh Okie continues to prove me wrong and is 6-o with only an occasional hiccup (sorry, beer took over there !!!), but I'm still not sold....

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, 3 starters and a solid bullpen does NOT a championship make................. the starting rotation consists of a jury of 5 !!!! SOOOOOOOOOO, what gives for the boys from Boston ??????

Season's start figured Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Wake and ????????? Brad Penny, I suppose... with John Smoltz trying to work his way into being a major contributor. That sounded good on paper but best laid plans.... Dice-K earned himself a trip to the Gulf Coast (league)... more in a bit... while Penny and Smoltzie earned 1 way tickets to the senior circuit.. uh, National League... both are performing well... obviously the American League is the superior league...

I honestly can't foresee winning a title with 3 regulars (the 1-2-3 punch) and 4th and 5th "alternates" - rotating the other 4 candidates - Dice-K, Wake, Byrd and Taz - based on health and/or performance.... not gonna happen.... WILL 2 PITCHERS PLEASE STEP UP TO THE PLATE ?!??!?!

Wake.... dude, you're a tribute to 43 year-olds with bad backs that drink beer (uh, Nuf Ced). I love what you've done for this franchise (INCLUDING bowing out of the World Series) and the community. You're one of my personal favorites.... BUT, please please please "Be careful out there" (uh, Hill Street Blues????)

Byrdman.... you know I luv ya Paulie.. you're a blue collar guy that (usually) gets the job done... I AM on your side so don't "F" me, k? I'm thinking you should be at least #5 so "JUST DO IT" !!!!!!!!!!!!

Taz Taz Taz (Junichi Tazawa).... you're not in Kansas anymore... or, the Japanese Industrial League, for that matter... Welcome to the BIG time, bro... I love your "stuff".... WHEN you've got it. I'm pulling for you even though very little has been said about your potential contributions down the stretch. Either way, I'm in your corner....

That leaves........... Dice-K.... no holds barred on my thoughts about the 100 million dollar man... eh......... TRUE he's a proven 18-20 game winner... 5 INNINGS AT A TIME !!!! Also true his last MINOR league outing was pretty successful.... uh, SINGLE A, mind you... how about the recent outing at Pawtucket when he was "experimenting" ???? NOT the time of the season to be experimenting, TITO AND THEO !!!!!!!!

Actually, each and every one of the above 4 is an experiment.... and I'm not necessarily looking forward to the results.... here's to praying that the potent offense can put a spin on Coach Belichick's words - Nuf Ced

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Derek Sanderson Jeter

No I haven't flipped my lid !!! No I haven't defected to the EVIL side !!! I am still a staunch member of our beloved Nation !!! BUT, I am also a true sports fan.

And as such, I felt the urge to write a little post about Derek Jeter as he is on the brink of a pretty amazing milestone. That doesn't mean that I "hate" him any less.. Well actually, hate is a very strong word and probably not really accurate (although don't tell my Yankee fan friends).

In this case, the emotion "hate" can be more accurately described as respect. Yes, I respect Derek Jeter - A LOT !!!!! Bucky Dent, on the other hand....

So, for my first post today, I tip my Red Sox 2004 WORLD SERIES cap to Derek Sanderson Jeter.... why?

First off, he got 3 hits yesterday, at a time when the base hits just haven't been falling for him... as he approached a milestone in his illustrious Yankee career.... SO WHAT ?!?!?! you ask....

SOOOOOOOOO... with his 3rd hit yesterday Jeter tied a Yankee record that has stood for 70 years or so... as he collected his Yankee career hit #2,721 in just his 15th season and 2,119 games... you can do the math... not too shabby.... and on Friday he aims to break that record... and inevitably will shatter it as he is only 35.

The record was set by the "Iron Horse" himself... Hall of Famer and Yankee icon... member of MLBs All Century Team... and author of 2,130 consecutive games played....Lou Gehrig... who took some 17 seasons and 2,164 games to set the mark... and has stood since 1939....

As I posted on a Facebook friend's wall.... "Congrats to a future Hall of Famer.... Jeter deserves props... even from a member of Red Sox Nation... I am more-so a fan of baseball and Jeter's accomplishment is definitely a tribute to his hard work, dedication and longevity... I stand and applaud on this special achievement"

Sentiments truly felt and expressed... Consider how many players have donned the pinstripes over the last 70 years.... very remarkable that only Derek Jeter has been able to play long enough to reach this pinnacle in Yankee history.

Congratulations Mr. Jeter - see ya in the play-offs !!!!!!!!!

-Nuf Ced

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sox Recap - game from September 8th, 2009

He's a Young Gun !!!!!

Ok, here's another attempt at creativity... it took awhile BUT sing it to the beat of Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi.... it's in the playlist.... positive feedback only please... KIDDING !!!!

I watched the Red Sox last night
With Clay Buchholz on the hill
He's got a heater and a curve ball
And a change up that stands still
He only gave up 3 hits
With the kid you can't go wrong
He was a master on the bump
He struck out 5
And pitched 7 innings strong

When they called him up this year
Many wondered where he'd been
He was growing up on the "farm"
They brought him up so they could win
Who thought he may get traded
Nuf Ced said that was wrong
He's a surgeon on the hill
When he takes the pill
I knew it wouldn't be long

They won the game, on the arm of Buchy
Their bats woke up, as they hit 6 bombs
You can rely, on the arm of Buchy
He'll give you 7 strong
When he's on the bump
With less than 3 runs
Clay's a young gun

You ask if he's the real deal
But you must remember this
He pitched 7 innings last night
Not a runner crossed the dish
If that don't prove it to ya
Remember he pitched a no-hit game
The more work he gets
The better he'll pitch
He may just do it again

It ROCKS, that arm of Buchy
He sure can pitch, when he has the chance
You can rely, on the arm of Buchy
He'll give ya 7 strong
When he's on the bump
With less than 3 runs
Clay's a young gun

Each night he takes the mound
There's a good chance that he'll win
He's maturing right in front of us
Getting stronger every game
I hope he can stay healthy
Can only pray that he will
Cuz we need him every 5 days
We need to see him on the hill
Trying to make the play-offs
We need Clay Buchholz on the hill

They'll win the game, on the arm of Buchy
He sure can pitch, when he has the chance
You can rely, on the arm of Buchy
He'll give you 7 strong
When he's on the bump
With less than 3 runs
Clay's a young gun
He's our young gun, yeah
Young gun, yeah, young gun....

Anyway, the Sox won but lost ground in the wild-card race as Texas took a twinbill... gaining a half game and cutting the lead to 2...

Pedey decided not to bother with doubles last night and blasted 2 big flies (and 3 rbi and a walk)... joining the fireworks and going yard were Youkah, Gonzo (plus a double), JD (3-run jobby), and Papi (plus a single AND now tied with Frank Thomas for most long balls all time by a DH !!!!).... VMart chipped in with a double and an rbi, Jacoby had a hit and a walk.... and uh, even Josh Reddick (NO COMMENT !!!!) banged out a hit... I TOLD you we'd see him again !!! Nuf Ced

Big game tonight... yeah yeah yeah... Byrdman is on the bump... I'll just be crossing my fingers that the fireworks will continue in Beantown....

As always..... it's been real..... it's been fun..... and it really has been lots of fun !!!!!

-Nuf Ced
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